Fabulous news all. Not only am I back from my sabbatical of nonsensical writing, but… I have a picture to send y'all iffen you review (with email)! Unfortunately… all good things must come to an end… so this is… *sniff sniff* the last chapter of Koala's Bite. I may do a sequel yet though… Koala Rabies is the planned title… and I have a few ideas for it too. It's all good. So, since people didn't really like the whole beginning of the chapter thing, we're gonna skip that and get right to the story.


POV: Corie


Dear Journal;

Bahahahaha. You know how I'm a senior this year? Yeah? Well it's all good, cus I just graduated. With Kris, Kane, Treble and Damien. Yeah, twas scary. But I only fell once. I'm getting therapy of a sorts for that.

Kris and I are going to go to the same college next year, some place in San Francisco. I'm going for journalism and photography, and Kris is going for graphic design. Cool, eh? So we'll get to be together forever and ever and ever. Yes, I'm grinning sappily now.

Treble and Kane split. Not sure they were ever together. Just one day, they suddenly weren't all over each other day and night. To Mackenzie's relief no doubt. That one night he caught them in his room… I wouldn't have been surprised if his head had exploded.

Treble is going to some east coast school with a lacrosse scholarship. Apparently he's pretty good. Kane, too, but somewhere in Oregon. Lacrosse… in Oregon? Odd… but I'm not gonna question it. Treble's major is supposed to be business, while Kane is going for chemistry. I'm afraid… he said something about bio weapons with that smirk of his.

Mackenzie is going to some place in Canada. He never did manage to get much further on his plans for school domination. Not with me and my 'super' friends to thwart him at every turn. Bahahahaha… no conquest for you!

Damien dyed his hair. It's now bright green. He also had his car repainted, so it still matches. At least now you can spot him in a crowd easily. And you do. We've all been seeing quite a lot of Kiara, since the two are dating. (Damien: Score! I told you I wasn't gay!) Damien is going to college in the town Kiara lives in now, the one that's two hours away and I can never remember the name of. For… something… maybe writing? Languages? I can't remember.

Summer looms before me. It's very sad. Kris is going to live with his dad over the summer. In Wayside. Three states away. I won't get to see him until the fall for college. I don't know how I'll manage without going into withdrawal. Not to mention I'm a bit concerned about Kris. Fabrice is from there.

Fabrice is the one who did those horrible tattoos. At one point I was considering a tattoo, but after this, I'm never going to one of those places ever. Kris had finally gotten all of his tattoos removed. It was a long and painful process that took most of the year, but now they're all gone. He doesn't wear his scarves and gloves all the time now, though he does most of the time. He says it's cus he's used to them and now they're somewhat of a fashion statement. And he does look cute like that. Though I like him better shirtless…

Kris is teaching me to dance. That's the 'therapy' for my falling down syndrome. He figures if I'm more graceful I won't fall as much. Though I do tend to collide with people on a daily basis. He tells me to slow down and watch where I'm going, but I don't listen. It's too much fun to go careening around corners. It's a great way to meet new people.

Malc has another year to go. Kane gave him the x-box for his birthday. I do believe that's the only time I've ever seen Malc cry. It was sad. In a pathetic sense though. I think Malc's probably going to end up doing computer graphics design or something like that. He's gotten really interested in the work behind the games. To an obsessive degree.

The graduation ceremony was awesome. As I said before, I only fell once. And that's when Kane tripped me, jackass that he is. But I got my diploma. I gradumacated! W00t! I also got to meet Kris's dad. He's a pretty cool guy, but he looks so sad all the time. He laughed when I tripped over the sprinklers though. (Only once during the ceremony.)

Well, I will definitely be seeing more of Treble in the future. His dad and my mom are getting married. I think I scared Treble's dad though. I threatened him major bad if he ever hurt my mom, physically or emotionally. He just kind of gulped and said he would never hurt her. So I smiled. I think this unnerved him more. But then it was ruined when Jeran threw a wad of paper at me. A wad of yellow paper. So I'm gonna have two step-brothers. Unless Treble has an evil twin hidden up his sleeve or something.

But now I have to go help my mom pack the truck. She made some smart aleck comment about she-woman and me slaving. So I'm off. Until we meet again!


Well that was shorter than I thought it would be. But it's more of an epilogue than anything. If you have ideas for a sequel… beyond Kris and Corie at college… then feel free to let me know. Meanwhile, review for a Kris&Corie pic!