See the Eyes

Woman –
is that defiance in your eyes?
Pain? Shame? Despair?
Friend –
does that look impart
absence of hope?

Child – woman –
your dress betrays the child in you –
the child in you betrayed.
How much can I guess of your story
etched in your eyes by acid tears
how many the intersections
touching experience of mine?

But child – woman –
I have seen the eyes
perfectly knowing, ever,
never condemning, never,
that gazed away my bitter tears
meeting shame with love,
extinguishing pain with love,
killing despair with love,
kindling hope with love.

Sister –
I have met the gaze
that can wipe away your blackened tears,
unreservedly loving, ever,
never rejecting, never,
"Who comes to Me, whoever,
I will never drive away, never,"
meeting defiance with love,
answering hate with love,
dissolving distrust with love,
imparting life in love.

Child –
may your beautiful eyes be unveiled
to see
the Truth.

Dec. 7, 2003