Past and Present
All there was, was darkness
Darkness was all I had
And the void of blackness before my eyes
My soul shrouded
In angst and despair
At a time for me
When love was a road seldom travelled,
You were the shadow on my wall
Of something I could never have,
Something I pined for
Longed for more than anything.
You were always there in front of me,
Yet so far out of reach
It hurt
At a time for me
When love is no longer an illusion,
The shadow has long since disappeared
And in it's place
You now stand.
You're real,
Something I can hold, see and feel.
Now I have you.
I reach out to you now
And with a touch from your hand
The pain goes away
And with the shadow
Goes the dark.
You showed me the light,
Brought me out from the darkness
Into a world
That wasn't as it seemed.
Now that you're here
In my arms, by my side
No more do I have to hide
And the only thing
That now shrouds my soul
Is the love we share.