The morning sunlight never seemed,
This intrusive before,
Dawn's rude 'good morning',
Coursing through my front door.
Beautiful and blind,
As we were.

I see you cross the street,
And trail outside your line of sight,
I will not let you see me cry,
For you, I should just fight.
Utterly alone,
As we were.

But I can't. I need you,
'I love you!' I shout,
You turn, incredulous to my call,
Not knowing me, I am without.
Lost in love,
As I was.

How can you just walk away,
When all I ever knew was you?
You never saw me once,
But you loved me, I knew!
But it was not to be,
As I was.

So now, my anger runs crimson,
Over these my sly fingers,
And this, my encompassing love for you,
Unrequited, still lingers.
It's 'til the end
As we were.

My heart is black now,
Drained of living hope,
Which falls from the strawberry gash in my wrist,
Never again, can I cope.
It is a betrayer,
As you are.

My last breath to me is fierce and cold,
It leaves an icy cloud to see,
Then dissipates until it's gone,
Forever, it's escaped from me.
Never to return,
As you are.

But soon I know will come,
The day you grovel to me and plea,
For being so ignorant,
And disregarding me.
Forgiving I am,
As we will be.

But now, my eyes are darkly shadowed,
My skin pale and dead,
My heart screams at me,
Pain shoots through my head.
Dark and dying,
As we will be.