This story begins where it ends,
A most painful scene of superficial trends.
A girl under the weight of the glares from her peers
Walking down the halls, hiding her tears.
When you can't fit in, and always find a state of abash.
When you waver before your cry, and cry before you crash.
When you die before you wake, when you wake before you sleep,
The perturbing screaming of a silent weep.
When the tranquillity of loneliness is the only comfort you find,
Come to me for a more optimistic mind.
Their loathing may be vile, and aggravating at that,
Keeping subdued is mouse and cat.
Stand against their arrogant prejudice,
Find voice in your melancholy cowardice.
Ban their singing voices from distracting your peace,
Ponder and execute for their songs to cease.
You are strong and you are beautiful,
Jubilate in knowing my words are truthful.