the back door thought
almost left me behind
a red river swam by
and that- wash and wave
I got lost in the haze
[it goes a little like this]

smile now, for me
don't you do it?
won't you?
(and that snaking thought runs on)
I didn't put you through this for nothing
didn't school you in the arts of subtlety
and teach you how to knife with joy
just so you could stare vacantly
and escape to nowhere
no - smile for me dearest
don't you know?
I was there and
I'm sure I told you (what happens),
what happened last time [I know you forgot]
(when did I concede to this loss?)
golden blood like honey and you were
sipping the sap, sticky with your spigot of love
[I knew you'd forget]

can I tell you how it goes?
it went a little like this...
a song, a dance, a caper and won't you cater
[I didn't teach you to love this for nothing]
to my thirst, to my outheld limbs,
to me and mine and boil for me
sweet honey, thick with blood-love-lust
(you'll drink, you'll remember)
by now you should know the difference
[I didn't take you with me just to stand there]
sweetling... you knew, you must have known...

won't you?
when I take you apart
don't you?
love it when I
of course you will. dearest
smile for me