Hullo, this is basically a Meg Cabot inspired story. Similar formatting to Princess Diaries and All American Girl.


Wed. March 10, 2004.

-My room

Dear written documentation of recorded segments in my life. (Would you call it a diary?),

I've decided to start this diary, not so people can read it and think "Oh, what a wonderful life she had!" when I'm dead, but so that when I'm older I can look back on my life as a 7th grader and laugh at how pathetic I was. Actually, I don't intend for anyone to read my diary at all! So go away demonic invader of privacy or I will hunt you down and rip out your lungs (slowly) and feed them to my dog!

Well, seeing as you're not gone yet (ehem!) I will continue writing. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. I'm starting this diary for my own amusement. So. let me tell you a 'lil 'bout myself. My name is Skye Brooks. I'm 13 years old, I live in the most boring place on earth, Highland Indiana (no, I'm not a farmer, I actually live very close to Chicago. I go there a lot. Much more Exciting.), I'm in 7th grade, I have short black hair with deep red highlights. My hair kind of. glows red sometimes. Or so I've been told. I have dark brown eyes. Yeah, boring. I know. I'm not very tall, or skinny, or good-looking, but I'm not short, or fat (I hope) or ugly (I also hope). I'm average. You know, that sort of girl you pass in the hallway and forget her name or don't even acknowledge her presence at all.

When I do get noticed it's either because someone wants to make fun of me or it's one of my VERY FEW friends. I get made fun of a lot mostly because I don't listen to rap (which I cannot stand), I wear clothes that actually cover me, I'm not a prep, I listen to rock, and/or I'm, quote, "semi-goth-punk", or so says my friend Leylah who lives all the way in Florida. I don't see her much.

I go to a small private school near my house. No, we don't have to wear uniforms. I swear, every time I tell someone I go to a private school, the first question is "Do you have to wear uniforms?" It gets old. Anyways, off track. The school is Van Dell Middle School, or VDMS. I walk there and back every day. There are about 45 of us in the 7th grade, all of which I grew up with since I was in pre-school. Living hell, I tell you. My reputation is set till high school.

Which explains why I've never had a boyfriend. Yes, that's right. I, Skye Brooks, am 13 years old and have never had a boyfriend. Every girl in my grade has had one except me. Everyone knows everyone. That's probably because they all know each other through their families. I live in a very Dutch town. Actually, my ancestors where Mexican. My mom and I came here from Hammond, IN when she married my step-dad, Rick. I was about 4. We, my mom and I that is, had a pretty screwed up life before that. My real dad, whom I haven't seen in years, is on the run from the law, hiding in New Mexico. He tried to kill me when I was a baby or something. Don't ask.

My mom was married and divorced a few times. She's pretty cool. She used to be a roadie for a rock band and a biker. Her name is Joanne. She had me when she was pretty young so her wild, party life sort of rubbed off on me. Hence the reason I am exiled at school. Either you're a rapper and/or slut (unbeknownst to parents of course), or a perfect little conservative, Dutch goodie-goodie to fit in. All the parents of the others at my school hate my family. They think that I "shouldn't be raised this way" or my mother is a "bad parent".

So basically, my life sucks.

Whops! Must go, Mom and Rick are screaming at each other and slamming doors again and I have a cold so I am now drugged up on Benadryl.

Top 10 Things that are Making
My Current Life a Living Hell

10. S.A.Ts this week. Need I say more?

9. I have a cold so I cough my lungs out every time I laugh and my nose
is red. Embarrassing enough?

8. I'm flunking nearly all of my classes.

7. I have a huge, I'm talking spend a month on it, kind of project due
the day after tomorrow and I haven't even started it yet.

6. My parents.

5. My beloved dog, Scooter, might be deathly sick as he just ate 10 ft.
of Bubble Tape.

4. My best friend Laurel has become a cheerleader and is now practically
shutting me out of her life.

3. The choir musical/play is coming up. I'm in choir. You do the math.

2. I'm still obsessing over Jason Shane, the love of my life, and Mr.
Popular at school. I've had a crush on him since 2nd grade. Back when he
was a dork. He started hanging out with the right people and BAM! There
go all my chances.

And the #1 reason my current life is a living hell.

1. My 100% evil, thinks-she's-my-best-friend cousin, Alyssa called me and
wants to "Hang out" this weekend. Lord help me.

******* Well, that's the first entry. I'm thinking of doing Jason's POV too but I think I'll ask you readers for a little help. E-mail me or review with ideas for chapters from anyone's POV (preferably Jason as I know nothing of the male mind) and I'd REALY appreciate it. Thanx!!! Now review before I sick Skye's dog, Scooter on you!