READ FIRST!!!!! Ello all. Yeah I know. Long time, no update. Well in factor one I only got 3 reviews and in factor two I has writers block. But here it is. The last chapter of Dear Diary! But fear not… the sequel is coming soon! Which brings me to a point. I face you, yes you, with a choice. See, my friend Amanda read Dear Diary and wanted me to write how Skye would live if she where in her 20's so on the way to Michigan I whipped up a story about Skye as an adult. Here's the choice. I can post that up next week and postpone the Dear Diary sequel… maybe give you a preview OR I can post the first chapter of the sequel and post the other story after I'm finished with that. So which do you want? Waiting a little bit longer for the sequel and seeing Skye in her 20's or having the first chapter of the sequel ASAP and seeing it later? It's up to you…

-1st period


LAST DAY LAST DAY LAST DAY LAST DAY- ok, now I'm getting a cramp. And writing this big is taking up an awful lot of space in my notebook. I need to learn how to resist over-emphasizing. But yeah. LAST DAY!!!! Last time, I swear.

I'm planning to have a bon fire and burn all my old notebooks and crap.

I'm also planning to run out of the school doors tossing old papers everywhere like you always see in movies and on TV and whatnot. Either that or take a pair of scissors, sneak up behind Principal VanTell, and cut off his rat tail as soon as the years last bell rings. Whichever comes first.

On the bus, after I had bitten off my last and longest nail and chomped it into a million tiny pieces, Ryan and I had what Serena seems to think is the stupidest conversation ever. Michael said it was the deepest and most profound discussion of all time. I don't even remember half of it. It was still 7:30 am. And the last day of school. You could say I was distracted.

Ryan: So are we all going to camp this summer?

Me: (While twisting a tiny piece of my hair) Your mom.

Ryan: Huh?

Me: What?

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Me: What are you talking about?

Ryan: I… (Scratches his head) I'm not sure anymore…

Me: (going back to my hair) You know they have a place for the clinically insane.

Anyhoo, we got yearbooks. Ahh… yearbooks. The time when everyone who never talked to you the entire year wants to say happy things about you in your notebook so you'll sign theirs because they want more notes and signatures than everyone else. It gets kind of annoying because most of the girls write like 12 paragraphs in their friend's yearbooks and then everyone else they write one of the following.

Most popular yearbook phrases:
Have a Gr8 summer (insert victim's name here) ! See you next year!
This year was so much fun! Hope to see you again next year!
You are a great person, (insert victim's name here) ! Don't ever change!
You rock! Have a Gr8 summer!

I don't know where mine is right now but I'm sure I'll see it soon. It's being passed around.

But whatever. Schoooooool's out - for - summer!!!!!!

What sucks is that I'll have to come back again next year.
What rocks is that I'll be in 8th grade!
What sucks is that it still means another year in this demonic school of death. (I know. Un-original. Sue me.)
What rocks is that 8th graders get out a week early next year!
What sucks is that I heard finals are like 30 times harder.
What rocks is that right now, I DON"T GIVE A CRAP!

Oh, what I also want to say to this communist "education" facility, YOU SUCK!!! (Ow… damn capitals). I can't say that yet though. I have to wait until next year.

Hold on, time to give back our books. I'll write when I'm home…. FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!!!! Gah, stupid capital letters!!!! Seriously. This is like the last page in my notebook.



-Still Home, 4:00


-Still Home, 4:15




-Still Home, 4:50

The unthinkable happened.

I don't know if this is good or bad. I can hardly write.

Still Home, 4:59




Crap! No more notebook space! Last line! WRITE MORE IN A NEW NOTEBOO-

That's it! It's all over folks!!! Well… except for the sequel. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!