I thought I was just different,
Maybe even unique.
I thought that every human hurt like this,
And was hurt in return.

I thought I was 'just another teenager',
Willing for the freedom,
Wanting a new life,
Yet, sometimes loving every second,

I didn't want to hurt you,
I new you needed me,
But it's hard to be your friend,
When you smothered me.

I new your mum was sick,
But that doesn't change the point,
It's you I am friends with,
You need to loosen up you mind.

Your views are not the worlds,
Neither are your words,
God is unknown,
Sex is my choice.

I'm still sorry that I hurt you,
But did you ever stop to think?
What you do is also wrong,
And that you also hurt me.

You are a friend,
I would never want to loose,
But sometimes I wonder,
Do you really care?

I could tell you I'm killing my self,
And you would shrug it off,
You may say that you care,
But that's not enough.

I may drink,
And do regretful things,
But at least I have a life to live,
And learn my lessons young.

You don't seem to realize,
How much it hurts,
When you refuse to come out,
Of your small grey world.

I still wonder why now.
Why I love you so much?
When you only seem to hurt me,
At the slightest touch.

I may not hear from you for a week,
And yes, I do know that you work,
But a simple time-out to send,
A small text message wouldn't hurt.

I don't think that's expecting much,
I really don't think so,
For you made the commitment of a relationship,
And you are slowly letting go.

If it continues on this way,
Although I do love you,
I need to have the best for me,
And not what really hurts.

I'm sorry to have hurt you all,
But this is why I really cry,
I know I am not perfect either,
I do hold a lot of lies.

I hope you can forgive me,
For all I have ever hurt,
I love you all, and that is it,
I'm sorry if you've been burned.

By Siobhan
Date: 10/March/2004