Now that you have a job, a life, a career,
I can only just wish you were here.
You will be gone so much,
And we won't be in touch.
I miss you already,
So I tell my heart to be steady.

You are only a crush,
But you always manage to turn my limbs to mush.
Someday I believe we will work out,
Until then I must only pout.

According to my tarot cards,
Who knows if I should disregard…
Of Pentacles you are my Knight,
I wish to dream of you tonight.

This Knight mounts not a horse
Which causes me great remorse,
But rides gallantly on a turtle,
I hope it crosses 'tween us whatever hurdle.

Pentacles are not an order of love,
But of something that makes it bereft of,
Of coins and money and greed,
These things I do not need.
I only wish to be with you,
Tell me if I should bid it adieu.