the Boom of the bass
pulsates through
the smoggy aura
of my foggy retreat
tweaking the Cosmic
synapses in the brains of the
sweat layered Insects
crawling in the Sprawling Heat
under the Drip Drip of the condensation
in the corner of the cage
Writhing together
Clawing each other
Mauling each other
trying to Meld Into their
significant others their
lovers and friends and sexually fantastical
ideals holding onto
the black of the walls
to stay stable
and able to grind more and more
to find all their pores
Filled with the concoction
of Liquor and Smoke
creating the familiar
Stench of the world
that they Belong to

I stand motionless in the middle of this raging passion.
She's glowing in the dark atmosphere.
Holding out her hand to me, she
Cradles my bleeding finger in her hand
And I climb into her
Knowing I am safe within her skin,
That the thin barrier protecting us
Will never break.

the Fire around me
is growing still
it's never still
it Roars with the crowd
feeding on their attraction
to each other, their reaction
to each other's Bodies
and engulfs them
Sucking the oxygen from
the box until the
Only thing left to breathe
is other peoples' breath
to Inhale their words
of their dreams and worlds
without ever speaking
and still the tweaking
continues, never receding
then the air condenses
and Ensnaring the senses
is the Overpowering Lust
to Feed on each other

Watching from the comfort of her soul,
I see them and pity their state
Because I and I alone
Know that Death will power swiftly through this cloud
On Her chariot and pick them out one by one.

they're all still there
all unaware of what's Come
even though i see
the silver Steel
of the chariot's wheels
and hear Her cackling Wildly
at their squirming forms
they're Vermin to Her
they Eat and Eat and
never stop to take
the time to find
another, just give in to
the Craving of the body
the pull of somebody
the heat of somebody
of any body
the closest to them
just to feel that there
is a reason for them
to Exist without
knowing that they are
Compressing the Light
that burns inside and might
never be seen Again.

I close my eyes as She carries them away
Without their knowledge
And wait for the Lights to die.

Goodbye my little ants.