Swarms of droplets, my own tears surround my damp body.
Now a whole ocean is created by my sadness, and I am being taken under by
its merciless claws.
As I am pulled, I gasp for breath, any air that may let me live another
But no air comes; instead I inhale more of my own misery.
My own making is dragging me under into a dark black mystery.
I am taken under, no one can see me, and no one can call for help.
All around my fighting body, I see the same things that made this torturous
ocean, these hateful waters.
These people and things are my downfalls, sadly, it is all my self.
All of the things that made this sea of despair are from my own self, cried
from my own tears that still are holding on in my eyes, waiting to be
I say to those tears, "No! Do not come out! Do not leave your place of
residence! Vanish!"
The tears do not listen and my ocean becomes greater.
Breath, any kind of breath to sooth my hurting, aching soul. Oh, how my
lungs ache for a breath, let me live! I am drowning in my own sorrows, my
own making, and my own work.
I made this ocean, this ocean that is from my salty tears and blurry eyes.
Why can't I find away out?
Suddenly, light appears. I reach for it with my hands; the droplets of my
troubles try to hold me back. "You are not good enough to escape our
clutches!" they cry.
I put my feet on the floor of this imprisoning ocean, some life! A sign of
hope that I never thought was there.
Reaching my arms out to grasp the light, I still feel the tugging of my
fears and doubt telling me to stay. I ignore them.
Finally, an outstretched hand meets my own. A deep voice calls out to me,
"Come into my harbor of graces. Come bask in the sand of hope. Come to me
my Child."
Looking back at the ocean, I see a wave wash all of those troubles away.
"Yes I am good enough to escape." I tell the ocean and at last I am free.