do you remember when we were small?
flying through the air
on our very own swing-set

we took turns, you and i
i pushed and you soared
you gave me wings, and i reached for the stars

only they were too far
and suddenly i was tumbling down
down from the sky
down in a torrent of trees, light, motion
tumbling, tumbling…down.

but i somehow didn't hit
didn't smash into the cold hard ground
and i think you know why.

a feeling…
someone's body…warm
heart thudding crazily in my ear…yours.

and you took my hand and you promised
that no matter what
you'd never let me fall

do you remember when we were small?
we're different now…
older…but somehow I think not wiser

we have grown apart.
i never thought we could
and it saddens me.

remember me
one last time
and i will see that you do not fall

believe me
for this last time
and fly me to the stars.