After reading a REALLY depressing ending to a story and getting thoroughly pissed off at the author I decided I need to write a story that is not depressing. I know it will be hard for me Mrs. F*ck-with-characters-lives BUT I will TRY T.t

This will be one of those unrealistic kinds of love stories! ^.^

I'm not too sure it will be ok… there will HAVE to be something to throw my characters into turmoil for I don't think I could write other wise but not as much as my others stories T.T

This one is WAY into the process of finishing… I have bunches and am not quite done yet! ).) By far I think I like this one the most!

And happy days for you people whom hate waiting! ^.^ I will be putting up a new chaptie every week n.n

~This story will have comments on song Lyrics and stores and what not like that, none of that stuff belongs to me, and if people really get pushie at the end of the story I will put up a Reference chapter! -'.-'~ 

Also this whole little storie is dedicated to The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails