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~*~*~ Hadassah

I wake up with a start and groan.

"What's wrong?" his sleepy voice gives me my strength back. I take his arm and wrap it around me and cuddle closer. "You had that dream again?"


He kisses my hair and rubs my arm, "you wiling to talk about it this time?"

"No," I groan. I love him too much to tell him this nightmare.

"Hada," he kisses my palm, "I really want to know." I try pulling away but he holds tighter. "It may help."

With a reluctant sigh I go limp and tell him about the nightmare. It has been haunting me for who knows how long. "I think it is Elbert Einstein."

He lays stone still for along time. He then lifts my face and looks into my eyes for… eternity.

"You know-"

I giggle, "save it Cy, I know you would never do such a thing, and my father is died."

He kisses me deeply, caringly, lovingly. A thousand emotions that I feel every time he kisses me. The pull to my core the fast heart and lung defect.

I pull away and pet his bare chest, "Do you think it worked this time?"

He rubs my back, "if it did or if not I say we give it another go."


Waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes and homemade syrup is a thing every girl should have. I sit up and see Cylix smiling at me he has baking flower on his nose and a tray in hand.

"You are unbelievably wonderful!" I shrill.

After the great breakfast we shower, we always shower together. We have a big one with a little bench in it; it also has eight shower head coming in from three sides.

I dress him up and paint his nails as he tells me about the latest things in the art industry. When we are done he kisses my forehead and heads out to a meeting.

I have the day to work on a style that popped into my head the other day. I am an underground designer. I go under the name 'Five Dollar Whore', the people that normally buy the clothing think the name is humorous. It is called such because the clothes that are normally appealing look like something a lady of the night would wear… were as my clothes line looks girly with out being whorey.

I sit down at my work bench and giggle as I hear the door open and hurried footsteps making their way to me.

Cylix bursts into the room and grabs a folder of art work and then turns to me, he takes me in his arms -lifting me off my comfy chair- and kisses me deeply.

"I love you," I tell him when he breaks off.

"I love me too," he smiles and kisses me again.

"You're going to be late," I remind him trying to step away.

"Remind me way I work when I have you?"

I giggle and brush some of his hair out of his face, "P.D you need to go," I whine.

"The guys are coming over tonight?"

"Only if you leave!"

"I see how it is," he pouts. He steals my lips again and yells out his love as he runs out of the flat.

I shake my head and sit back down.

At ten I get a call from Ten, the person who takes my ideas and spits them out at others. I really have no idea what goes on with them that is Ten's job.

I clean up the place a little since our maid has the month off. When we are both out of town she comes in and dusts and feeds the cats. The old bat let us keep them. They are all grown and fat now.

Almost coming to a silent call I do not remember giving out the three cats prance their way into the living room. Apple Crisp lies on the arm of the couch; he officially claimed Cylix to be his and won't let anyone else touch him. Coffee Cake mak a home right in the middle of the couch making me move around it so I do not hurt it. After I settle Oreo paws at my hair making a little angry noise -I had forgotten to spread my hair out- and lies in my fanned hair.

Cylix always said it looked extraordinarily beautiful to see the cat with the most life and zest find home in my 'pearl black' hair.

I wake up some hours later, to see Staples on the fluffy chair he always sits in and smile.

"Hey love," he says after noticing my consciousness. "Mich is in the kitchen with Adam."

Mich is so great with Adam its not even funny. I smile at Staples letting him know I sense the bitterness and jealousy.

Michael walks in holding Adam and looks over at Staples, then back to Adam, "what to go back to daddy?"

The little boy giggles but shakes his head.

"It's not fair that he likes you more," Staples pouts getting up and wrapping him arms around his little family. "I was the sperm donor."

"Yes well children tend to like the mother more any ways," Kat says walking in with her newest boyfriend Kyle.

Kat and Tu go on and off about once every two months, and in that time Kat gets a new boyfriend to try and prove to Tu that she can do with out her. In the end it is always Kat that crawls back to Tu. Why Tu takes her back time after time I can not understand but she does.

Tu walks in sometime later with a girl on her arm.

"Everyone this is Tonya, Ton this is everyone," she says as everyone tries to hold their cold stares.

Kat gets up and grabs Tu's arms and smiles 'sweetly' at Tonya, "excess us."

Sitting in the room with the boys, Kyle and Tonya I feel really odd. Every awkward second I pray Cylix will walk in through the door.

Finally when dinner is ready and everyone but Kat and Tu are seated Cylix walks in a little red in the face.

"Hey," he walks straight to me and kisses me passionately. "Sorry, it went longer then usual." He turns to the two outsiders. "Your dates have… left…"

Staples looks over at us and wiggles his eyebrows winning a hit from Michael as he holds in his laughter.

"Those two are weird," I tell him with a little pout.

Tonya and Kyle make eye contact and leave the house with a quick thank you.

"The others were a lot more polite," Cylix whines as they leave.

"When are they going to end this stupid charade?" Michael asks bouncing Adam on his knee and cooing to him.

"Who cares, as long as it doesn't interfere with the band," Staples as lost all interest in the affair. "But to more important matters," he turns to us with his evil smile. "Baby?"

I look up at Cylix; my head is in his lap and he is playing with my hair -much to Oreo's distaste. I bit my lip and give him pleading eyes.

His go wide and he sits straighter, "are you?"

Before going to take a nap this afternoon I took the test and was thrilled with the answer but kind of forgot because of the wonderful dream I had.

"I wanted to tell you in privet…"

He jumps up nearly throwing me off the couch and picks me up and spins me. In half spin he stops abruptly and sets me down and looks sacred.

"Was that a bad thing?" he turns to the other couple, "did I do wrong?" he looks at my stomach, "I didn't hurt it did I?"

I laugh along with Staples and Michael, "no, you did not I'm not glass and nor the baby."

He shrills and picks me up again and spins me around the room and sets me down again with a long passionate kiss making me want to kick the guys out of the house for a little alone time with my hubby.

"I'm gonna be a papa!" he whispers in my ear. "And you're going to be a mama."

I whisper back with a little tear trickling down my cheek, "yes P.D we are."

He takes my hand and we lock fingers.

Cylix kisses my palm as I kiss the back of his hand.


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