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The Adventures of the Tomato and the Potato

Chapter 4: The Yellow Tiled Road


"I found it!" Strawberry declared proudly.

"The sacred spatula?!" the tomato and potato screamed in unison and pure excitement.

"No, dumbasses, I found my fuckin' mirror!" Strawberry yelled.

"Mirrors? I hate mirrors." Peach commented.

"Mirrors reflect your reflection at you the reflection's reflect." Pomegranate said randomly.

Peach shuddered. "Mirrors make me wanna barf."

Strawberry smirked holding up her small pink mirror at Peach.

"Mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Peach ran around crazily.

"Mirrors are sexy." Nectarine said.

"No, you're sexy Necta. You too Kiwi." Strawberry commented.

"Shut up!" Kiwi blushed.

"I'm sexy." Nectarine said proudly.

"No your not." Strawberry stated.

"But you just-" Nectarine began.

"The road to the sacred spatula." Tomato whispered.

"Huh? This chickie's gone crazy." Pomegranate commented blinking.

"Everyone's gone crazy, I'm the only sane one. Duh!" Blueberry said as if it were obvious.

Everyone: *glares* T.T

"Well, it's the truth! Why the hell are we looking for a stupid spatula that doesn't even exist?!" Blueberry yelled.

"Because we don't wanna die maybe?" Peach suggested.

"He has a point there." Pomegranate said.

"Yup, dying is not a good thing. I don't wanna be digested!" Strawberry screamed.

"Have no fear, dear. I will save you." Someone whispered in Strawberry's ear.

Strawberry turned around suddenly, shivers going down her spine. She heard a scream, out of nowhere. She saw Pomegranate looking around wildly.

"Did you just-" Strawberry began.

"Someone just whispered in my ear and it hurt!" Pomegranate screamed.

"Hey, where's Ora?" Strawberry asked.

"Ahh! She's been kidnapped by that whispering voice!" Pomegranate began to jump to random conclusions.

"She's getting molested by the evil ghost of the catholic Banana priest!" Strawberry decided to join in on the randomness.

"Uh, how 'bout she went on a walk?" Peach suggested with a shrug.

"No!" both fruits yelled in unison.

"It's not as exciting to them as randomness." Orange said appearing out of nowhere.

"Ora!" Strawberry and Pomegranate yelped.

"I went for a walk dumbasses." Orange said.

"Oh, okay." Strawberry looked disappointed.

"But that evil whispering voice! He could be still here!" Pomegranate shouted.

"It is only I."

Eyes were turned to the direction of a wooden spoon.

"Ahhhh!!!!!!! It's a murderer!!!!!!!!!!!" Cantaloupe screamed.

"Shut up." Raspberry hit him on his round cantaloupy head.

"I am the sacred Wooden Spoon. Best friend to the sacred spatula-" the wooden spoon began.

"Where?! Where's the sacred spatula?!?!?!?!?" Potato screamed.

"He's-" the wooden spoon began.

"It's a he?!" Tomato yelled.

"Um, yes he is." Wooden spoon replied.

"Damn it! Why couldn't it have been a she?! Now it'll be harder to convince him to help us!!!!!!!" Tomato screamed.

"Poor demented child." Avocado whispered with a sad nod.

"Shut up!!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!" Tomato screamed.

"Anyways, please proceed Mr. Wooden spoon." Strawberry said.

"I'm the SACRED WOODEN SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the wooden spoon shouted.

"Whatever, just go on." Pomegranate said.

"I know the whereabouts of my best friend, the sacred spatula." The wooden spoon stated.


The plum and the grape proceeded to make out.


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