Hospital Visitation

Hospital visitation.

I walk in.

They are holding you for tests.

You are on a stretcher.

They roll you around from place to place.

Under bright lights that hurt the eyes.

I put on my brave face,

An iron smile

Caged in steel,

Cracking at the corners,

Straining from the pressure.

I look at you

Looking at me.

I know what you see.

The baby girl

That I will always be,

In your eyes.

Your eyes are shiny and bright,


Tears are swimming

In your eyes

Grasping the lashes

Dripping from the tips.

Silent tears

That speak volumes

Of anger

And frustrations.

You are crying

Because you know

That you are dying.

I drown in the regret

That is mirrored in your eyes.


That you will not see

Me live.