*~Beach Bums~*

A/N: I've never been to New York. And yet I'm writing a story in it... kinda. More in Hawaii, but if the description for the Big Apple is completely out of proportion, please inform me about it. And tell me how New York really is... (seriously, I'm only gathering info from movies and tv shows that I've seen that had Manhattan included in it)

Summary: Sent to Hawaii every year for a homicide summer job from her immoral and evil Auntie Kim, Ko, her best friend, Danielle, and her bro/b.f.'s crush Kaz didn't expect anymore than nasty sunburns and spiteful, pinching hermit crabs. That is, until the son of a known super-model and actor accidentally "kidnaps" Ko...

Chapter One: From the Big Apple to the Aloha Islands

It was like the calm before the storm.

There wasn't much going about in her world. At least, she wasn't doing anything. Except maybe punching and screaming into her pillow in frustration and anger. Not to mention, pulling out all of her black hair. She was trying to savor the last moments in this very apartment before she would be forcefully dragged off to Honolulu.

Not the usual reaction, eh?

As much as she thought she was crazy herself, Konami Young dreaded going to Hawaii every summer more than anything. Which is hardly likely for a girl who lived in a cheap, squeezed-up-until-you're-like-canned-tuna apartment and received a hefty allowance of two dollars per month. Even her friends were annoyed by the fact that she got to go somewhere over the summer every year and would complain about it. (She only brought up the subject and whined once, just once! Okay, maybe a couple of times...) They even called her Miss S.H.G.Y.O. or "Spoiled-Hawaii-Goer-Young-One" on the occasional PMS-sy days - apologies included afterwards.

Well, yeah, Ko loved the island. Who didn't? The beaches there were to DIE for and come on, who could pass up sexy, tanned, half-naked surfer guys? Plus you get real free flower wreaths every time you step off the plane at the airport there. Not those cheap fakey kinds were you get them at fabric shops for a nice, green five bill. It was a tropical paradise! Especially when you're from the busy, no-time-for-relaxation, New York City.

So why did she feel like dying every time summer came rolling along like the dust balls under her dad's bed?

No, being airsick in the seven-hour flight trip isn't it either - though that's debatable.

"Ko, Auntie Kim's on the phone. She wants to speak to you." Her mother called to her.

Auntie Kim.

Yep, those two words just about summed out her whole problem with Hawaii. This was kinda overly dramatic for an excuse to not want to go to paradise island; but that's only because some people haven't met or even heard of her.

When people give a quick once-over look at her, she's just a small, thin Asian lady who smiles in a sort of stiff and frozen way. It's when you get to know her, you'll believe that you're in some horror story created by Stephen King. If friends were to describe her, they'd say that she was just a sad, lonely lady who had terrible relationships and decided to become a full-time workaholic machine. Family members, however, would say that she was some sort of scary creature who had Cinderella's stepmother's meanness, Snow White's stepmother's evilness, and Ursula, the sea witch's undeniable diabolicalness all blended together like a deadly milk shake.

Auntie Kim owns a restaurant. No, it's not some small Asian deli market and no, it's not a donut shop either. Ko, and everyone else who knew her just wished it was though. It would make Auntie less proud and intimidating. Unfortunately for those around her, Auntie Kim was the head owner of a huge five-star cuisine restaurant packed with well-known gourmet chefs from different parts of the Earth. It was the type of place that just about everyone famous themselves popped into it daily with stretch limos, body guards, red carpets and paparazzi...

And every summer, ever since she turned four and was eligible to walk and talk at the same time, Ko's been part of that restaurant, treated like the slave of the century. Seating hostess, waitress, dish washer, vacuum cleaner person... you name it, she did it all within twenty-four hours everyday. Sunday was the only day they actually got to sleep.

Think of it as an annual visit to labor-hell.

And tomorrow, she would leave the Big Apple for the thirteenth time. Ugly, fat, lucky number thirteen.

Her mother handed Ko the phone, smiling at her warmly. As Ko received it, she wondered how her mother lasted more than a day living with an evil sister like Auntie Kim. Must be one of those maturity and patience issues...

Slowly, Ko pressed the phone to her ear and gulped. "Hello? Auntie Kim?"

"--BILLY! How many times do I have to tell you not to put the plumerias there? What are you trying to do, kill our guest of honor?! You should know that she's allergic - oh don't you walk away from me young man," CRASH. SLAM.

Ko put down the phone for a brief moment and looked at her mother with a "Do I have to?" look. Her mother only shrugged and went back to making lunch. Ko almost dropped the phone when she heard Auntie yell her name into it.

"Konami? Konami?!"

"Yes, yes, I'm here Auntie Kim,"

"We have a change of plans, I won't be there to pick you up but - no, no take the mushrooms out Tom, I don't want my guests to gag... no it's not your cooking, it's the mushrooms--"

Ko massaged her temple and held back a sigh. Typical of her Aunt to nag at everything she sees...

"Now where was I?"

"Um... you won't be--"

"Oh, I remember. And don't try to finish my sentences, that's very rude you know. Anyways, I won't be there to pick you up so I made sure your grandfather would do the job,"

Ko froze. "Grandpa? Grandpa's going to pick us up? He's not driving is he?"

"Of course he is! Don't be silly. He's a retired professional truck driver so why not drive a limousine?"

"He was a pro MONSTER truck driver!" Ko breathed deeply and tried to calm herself. "Auntie, why don't we just, you know, order a taxi? That way, we don't have to make Grandpa drive all the way to the airport," And run over all the poor people who happen to drive near him.

"Oh, don't talk nonsense. He's overjoyed at escorting you here - oh no, not him again, NO! WE DON'T WANT ANY OF YOUR SPECIAL BROWNIES! GET OUT!! SHOO!" Ko could hear several people screaming and plates smashing onto the floor. She strained her ears to make out a guy whining and begging her aunt to accept or at least TRY his "special" brownies that made people "fly."

"Bye, Auntie Kim." Ko said and slammed the phone onto the receiver. Of course, she made a few futile attempts slamming it in the right place.

So Grandpa was driving. Great, another thing to get excited about Hawaii. She dragged her feet down the hallway. Her mother looked at her inquiringly around the corner with a wooden spoon in her hand. "Where're you going? Lunch is almost ready."

"To my room, I need to pack up my stuff."

"Oh, okay then. We're having seafood spaghetti today, your favorite." She said cheerfully and ducked back into the kitchen, humming to herself.

Ko shook her head in disbelief. Her mother was so cheery and sunny, it was scary.

She entered her cluttered room and studied her more or less empty suitcase. What to put, what to put... She decided to scan through her closet and pick out what was fit for a visit to the tropics. She rummaged through it, taking out random clothes and pitching them onto the bed, next to her suitcase. Wondering if she needed any nice shoes to make a good impression, she got on her hands and knees and looked through the shoe boxes. Photos... more photos... aha! Sandals! Oh shoot, the straps are broken... boots... what the hell?! She pulled out an old box with Hello Kitty stickers all over it, filled with... her secret stash of nature poems she wrote in grade school?! Out of impulse, she took one out and skimmed the first few lines.

"The bumblebees are buzzing and frolicking happily in the field of... since when did I learn the word, 'frolicking'?" She crumpled it up and threw it in the back of the closet and pushed the box away from her. 'I'll burn these when I get back,'

Her brother, Kazuma, stuck his mussed-up head in her room. "Have you seen my 'Save The Whales' boxers anywhere?"

"No, but if I ever find them around here, I'll spray your eyes out with Lysol after I decontaminate my room." She frowned when she picked up an uncapped chapstick from the floor. Gross, her cat's hair was stuck to it.

Kaz looked around at her messy room. "Hey, aren't you suppose to be packing?"

"Of course I am, can't you see the suitcase?" Ko pointed to her opened suitcase. It occupied half her bed, her mountain of clothes sharing the other half.

"You only have your toothbrush and toothpaste in it..."

"I'm getting there!"

Like all older brothers, Kaz had this strange and stupid notion that as being the oldest child of the family, he had the responsibility to set up a good example for his sibling and to annoy the hell out of her. Hn, the only example he gave her as a big brother was that all men were weirdos. He was one of those smart students, but liked to be a rebel once in a while. Like the time he shaved off all of his black hair and got a lovely skull tattoo on his arm. Their mother just about blew the roof off when she saw him proudly step through the door when that happened and wouldn't let him in the house for week until his head had gotten fuzzy enough to be decent. She almost cut his arm off with a kitchen knife when she found out about his tattoo and went on a hunger strike for what seems like months until Kaz promised not to wear short sleeves (in front of her).

That didn't stop him from being popular with the ladies however. They liked how he kept his grades up and swooned at his bravery and utter "manliness".

Girls tended to think that he was the most coolest and sexy person ever walked into their school hallways.

Ko thought that he was the most strangest and embarrassing being ever to walk on this planet with his two legs.

Their grandmother walked into the room, munching on a chocolate chip cookie. You could say that Grandma Su was one of those cute little old ladies who made nice little treats for their families once in a while. Then again, you could always remember her for her infamous temporary insanity and overactive imagination. If she ever was in some kind of sitcom, it would probably line up next to 'Friends'. When she saw Ko's opened suitcase, she dropped her jaw and her cookie.

"Why there suitcase?" She demanded in broken English and pointed her knobbly finger at it. "You running away?!"

Ko and Kaz rolled their eyes. "No Grandma, we're just--"

"Take me with you!"

They stared at her. "What?"

"You not hear me?" She said loudly. "I go with you! I can't stand this place no more!"

Then she proceeded to stomp forward and sit down on the floor. As if protesting for environmental rights. Kaz approached her tentatively. "Um... Grandma?"

She glared at him and turned away, crossing her arms stubbornly. "Not moving until you take me with." She stated firmly.

"No, not that, I mean... I think you sat on your cookie,"

Grandma Su's eyes widened and she jumped up, swearing in Japanese. She wiped the crumbs off her butt repulsively. After making sure her buttocks was free of cookie, Grandma Su grabbed Kaz's ear and tugged him down so he was leveled to her height.

"I feel trapped. I don't want stay here no more. Take me with you!"

"Grandma, you can't - yeeow!" Kaz yelped as she tugged harder on his ear. He tried to pull away but she held an iron grip on his lobe.

Ko eyed the crushed cookie on her carpeted floor. Did she have to vacuum again?

"Ko, your friend's on the phone." Her dad called from the diningroom. She shouted back that she'd be there in a minute and studied her brother and grandmother who were both yelling and trying to fend one from another.

"Try not to demolish my room too much," Ko said hastily and left to retrieve the phone.

"Do you think I should bring Georgie with me?" Georgie was Danielle's stuffed monkey. Danielle was Ko's absolute best friend who swore that their deeply-bound friendship would last unto eternity. She was probably the most girliest girl you would ever happen to meet. Ever. She was a huge dreamer with a huge, curly hairdo and had the wonderful belief that Ko's brother and her were a match made in heaven. So much that Ko sometimes doubted whether Danielle really was her best friend or she was using her to get to Kaz. But hey, if other girls thought to do that, Ko would be a fairly popular person. Which would never happen.

"How much room do you have in your suitcase?" Ko asked turning her head towards her room when she heard something crash. 'That'd better not be my lamp...' She could hear her dad yell, "What in the name of Almighty... Mother!", and then a couple more demolishing sounds. 'Are they trashing my room?!'

Danielle's voice brought half her attention back to the phone. "I don't really know... I guess I could put him in my carry-on, they allow stuffed monkeys in carry-on right?"

"I don't see why monkeys wouldn't be allowed,"

WHACK. BANG. "MOTHER! Can't you behave for at least ten minutes?!" Ko's dad yelled.

"Watashino seijya naiyo! Anatano musukoga dokokani itte atashiwo oiteku tsumorinanoyo, anta wakarainoka?! Minna antano seidaaaaaaaa!!!" Grandma Su shrieked in Japanese.

"See! She keeps making it my fault! I was just trying to--"

"QUIET! I'M TALKING ON THE FREAKING PHONE!!!" Ko screamed. The whole apartment became silent. Ko smiled gently. "Thank you." She said politely, and went back to talking to Danielle.

"So what were you saying again?" Ko could hear Danielle hesitate before answering.

"Uh, no. That's alright, I'll just pack up what's important, I guess. Tell Kaz I said 'hi!'." Then the dial tone followed.

Her mother peeked from the kitchen. "Lunch is ready sweetheart, care to set the table for me?"

"Sure Mom." They stood smiling at each other before venturing off to do their jobs.

Kaz, Mr. Young and Grandma Su all peeped out from Ko's room, making sure the danger has passed.

"Women are the scariest things in the world I tell you son. You don't understand them at all..." Mr. Young whispered to Kaz. He ended up getting a back-handed slap on his temple from Grandma Su.

"You might not understand women, Dad, but Grandma sure understands what you're saying." Kaz said and bounded off to help Ko set the table. Mr. Young contemplated what his son just said to him, then went after him, "Hey now wait a minute..."

"Otokowa mina ahoda. Naze ousamamitaini eraito omounowa shiranaiwa." *Men are all idiots. I don't get why they think they're the king of everything.* Grandma Su mumbled under her breath.


Danielle shifted nervously from foot to foot. She twirled a lock of her curly brown hair in agitation. Ko, Kaz, Mr. And Mrs. Young, and Grandma Su were all staring at her and her luggage. Talk about being conspicuous. "Um, I really couldn't bring al the stuff I wanted - important too of course - in one suitcase so I kinda brought a couple more..."

"Danielle, I don't think EIGHT suitcases counts as a 'couple.'" Ko remarked, eyeing the navy blue luggage. "Yeesh, and I thought bringing two cases were enough,"

Mrs. Young looked at the cargo and at the car in wonder. "How are we going to fit all of this?"

She had a point. How WERE they going to fit all of this in a small yellow taxi cab? Kaz had one suitcase and a backpack, Ko had two suitcases with a shoulder bag, and Danielle... Danielle had eight suitcases along with a small mini backpack for her make-up and a huge shoulder bag that held who knows what.

"We have no other choice..." Kaz said solemnly. His father and grandmother nodded their heads deeply. Ko could see the desperation rise in her friend's eyes. Danielle threw herself over her precious cargo and begged them not to take it away. "Please, PLEASE! I need this, I NEED ALL OF THIS!"

Ko crouched down next to her. "Okay, so what's in the baggage?"

Danielle sat up and began counting off the items with her fingers. "Well there's the box of lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara and foundation; then my swimsuit wear; my tank tops, shorts, boxers--"

"You wear boxers?" Kaz asked surprised. Ko and Danielle looked at him as if he was from some unknown planet.

"He don't know much," Ko whispered to her and they ignored him, continuing listing off her list. But Ko stopped her when she began counting off the color coordinated sandals, earrings and let's not forget the sun screen lotion.

"Why don't you just leave four cases? We can just call another cab for the extra stuff, but can you limit it to four?" Ko suggested. Danielle glanced wistfully at her luggage and nodded her head slowly. "I guess that would work... I mean, it's not like I'm going to live there, we'll be there for only two and a half months..."

"Well then, that's settled then! Off you go, Kaz, Ko and Danny. Have a great trip!" He pushed them into the small cab happily.

"Does he seem a little too enthusiastic to see us leave or is it just me?" Ko whispered to Kaz.

"Quit complaining Ko, you're going to Hawaii whether you like it or not. And besides, you might meet someone very special," He wiggled his eyebrows. Brothers can be evil things. Or wait... they already are.

Ko rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah right, zebras have a better chance at sprouting wings and flying to Antarctica than me having summer love."

Before Mr. Young could shove Danielle in with Ko and Kaz, she went up to the other taxi driver who was hefting her chosen cases into the trunk and seat. She tapped him on his shoulder. When he turned to look at her, she grabbed the front of his shirt and shoved him against his cab.

"If you ever, EVER think about driving off with my stuff, I'll hunt you down to the ends of the Earth and you'd be wishing you were never born when I find you! And don't think I'm bluffing this cause I already wrote down your licence plate number and the company of your cab."

He looked at her fearfully and whimpered. "A-Alright."

Danielle let go and smiled at him sweetly. "Thank you sir, you are a kind and understanding gentleman."

Then she hopped into the cab in front of his and sat next to Ko.

As they drove off, the latter taxi following the cab in front of it carefully, making sure no other car drove between them. When they disappeared around a corner, Mr. Young nudged his wife and wiggled his eyebrows. "Now that the noisy kids are gone--"

"Yes, now that they're gone..." She sighed happily. " I can finally go kick-boxing with all my girlfriends!" Out of nowhere, Mrs. Young whipped out her boxing gloves and sports bag. She jumped into the next taxi, cackling like a maniac as she went off. Her husband ran a ways behind the cab. "But honey, there are lots of other ways to relieve stress!"

He sighed, but grinned dreamily. "That's my wife... now I can watch the major leagues!"

Grandma Su shook her head. "Damedakorya." *This is hopeless.*


"Okay, so how do I work this self check-in thing?" Danielle said as she pressed a button which triggered the screen to flash a picture of a flight attendant in an airplane.

"Hello! Thank you for choosing Coastal Airline Express. Please insert your credit card." The machine chirped at them.

"Oh my God! The thing spoke to me!"

Ko and Kaz looked at her strangely. Then check-in lady was nodding her head and smiling, but you could tell she was thinking, 'God, not another one...' And everyone else who was lining up behind the three most likely had the same basic thought running through their minds. Who doesn't know what E-tickets (electronic tickets, the ones you get over the internet) are nowadays?

"Ack! Oh Jeeze, Ko help me! The screen's flashing different pictures at me all at once! I think I broke it - oh wait, nevermind... it's processing."

Everyone behind her sighed loudly and slapped their foreheads. Duh. Ko studied Danielle pressing a bunch of random buttons on the screen. "Danny, are you sure you want four-hundred-sixty-nine copies of the receipt?"

She looked back at Ko as if she was insane. "What are you, crazy? What would I do with that many - AARGH!" Pretty soon, everyone else was screaming since the machine began spewing out the receipts for their flight tickets. It was raining receipts!

People who were standing in the other airline check-in counters either backed away or stared horrified at the cloud of pink paper in the Coastal Airline section. An old couple - tourists - pointed at Danielle, Ko and Kaz who were running around, trying to shield themselves from the papers that the machine was spitting at them.

"Look at what's happening to America, the next generation doesn't even know how to do a decent check-in." The old man pressed a couple of icons on the screen and out came his tickets and receipt. The woman clicked her tongue at the three, "I worry about this country's future..."

As soon as the storm of receipts ended, Ko looked around searching for two distinct people and...

"Where's the tickets?"

Kaz's head popped out of the pile and he blew away a piece of paper from his nose. "Wait, I think I saw them somewhere down here..." He dived back into the pile and grabbed onto something.

"That's my leg you dunce!" Danielle yelled from the floor, trying to get up. Ko felt something snake around her ankle and yank. "Aagh! That's MY foot you idioooooooooot!" She yelped as she felt her foot give way down to the floor with the other two. Everyone around them stared at the three struggling kids in a pile of light pink paper.

"Here, HERE! Here are your tickets!!" The check-in lady, who wasn't smiling anymore, shoved the tickets in Ko's face. She probably wanted them out of the scene A.S.A.P. Ko grabbed the tickets and Kaz and Danielle's hands and bolted out of there before the security guards could come and ask what was the matter.

"Wait! I forgot the receipt!" Danielle complained, trying to pull Ko back.

"Forget it, there's five stuck in that mountain of curly hair you have," Kaz said.

When they reached their gate, they threw themselves down into the waiting seats and gasped. Danielle took a receipt out of her hair as she began to catch her breath and checked it over just in case. She frowned and looked over it again, more closely.

"Uh, Ko?"

Ko's eyes rolled over to Danielle's in mild annoyance. "What?"

"It says that we gave them twenty-eight cases to claim..."

Ko's eyes narrowed. "What?"

"Say what?" Kaz piped in, squinting at Danielle. She gave them the receipt sheepishly. They examined it word for word, extra carefully.

Number of Passengers: 3

Number of Tickets: 3

Number of Baggage to Claim: 28

Slowly, they exchanged looks at each other, then turned to Danielle in disbelief.

"If you weren't my best friend, I would've thrown you out of the airport and left you out on the streets of Manhattan to die." Ko said.

"I'm glad I'm your best friend, Ko."


The check-in lady looked like she was going to hyperventilate when she saw the three deadly stooges coming back. She even almost called security. With official help from the guy in the other row, they managed to walk away peacefully with their renewed tickets and twenty-one LESS baggage to claim.

Until Kaz ran into an old lady who began beating the crap out of him with her cane.

"That'll teach you to harass an old woman!"

By the time they returned to their gate, they were already boarding all passengers. Entering the plane, Ko checked where her seat was. Thirty-five... thirty-six... thirty-seven A. Yes! Window seat! Happily she stuffed her shoulder bag under her seat and looked over at Kaz and Danielle. Kaz was alright with his seat but Danielle had to sit in the middle section, isolated from them.

Ko felt a twinge of pity for her. She knew Danielle was looking forward to sitting next to Kaz, but by the looks of it - Ko looked over and cringed - poor Danielle would have to sit next to a large, bearded man who looked near to taking two seats.

Ko looked back wistfully at her window seat and sighed. Damn her stupid generosity-ness.

"Danny, why don't you take my seat?" It took almost all of her willpower not to crack.

Danielle's face instantly brightened up with hope at her friend's sudden suggestion. She didn't say anything but Ko could see that she'd definitely take the offer. Danielle asked her why anyways.

"Because..." Ko gulped. "...because I don't get as much air-sick in the middle section than the... edge."

Total bullshit.

It was quite the opposite honestly. But Danielle didn't notice. In fact, she didn't wait for Ko's answer and jumped right into the window seat next to Kaz. Really, was it necessary to ask why?

When Ko reluctantly sat down in her new seat, the man next to her gave out a long, low whistle and grinned, exposing his six gaping teeth with a gold crown. She smiled back at him politely and sat as far away from him as possible.

This flight did NOT turn out the way she intended it to. Her first plan was if she couldn't gaze out the window, she was going to either listen to her CD's and sleep, OR read a book/magazine. Of course, her stupid earphones fail to work and neither does the plane's headsets so she had to scratch the idea of music. And then the lady sitting next to her on the other side ends up being one who just won't shut her mouth. She hasn't stopped the constant babble for the past - quick glimpse at her wristwatch - three hours!

And on top of everything else that was wrong in this flight, the guy who whistled and grinned at her was snoring his arse off on her shoulder.

Periodically, Ko would look over and see how her brother and Danielle was coping on the other side of reality. You know, for a friend who claims to miss their best friend every time they don't talk to each other for more than fifteen minutes, she looked like she was having the time of her life. They chatted together, ate together, listened to CD's together, watched in-flight movies together... and oh look, now she's sleeping on his shoulder. How sweet... not.

"Flight attendants, please be seated. Turbulence will be taken place in a few minutes." The captain's voice droned over the passengers.

The plane lurched and so did Ko's stomach. The lady kept yakking her face off and the guy snored even louder with extra drool oozing from his own mouth.

'Three more hours... God help me, three more hours...'


Ko claimed that she was about to lose it and her head would spin like the girl in the Exorcist when the captain announced that due to communication problems, they would circle in the air for about fifty more minutes before landing.

By then, Charles, the guy next to her - he was kind enough to tell her his name and phone number - was wide awake and winked at Ko. "Oh well, at least I get to sit next to a pretty young lady for another hour,"

Ko laughed a little at this, unsure at whether this was a good or bad thing. She was afraid she might've cracked a tooth for gritting her teeth too hard. Five more minutes of this torture and she swore she was going to break open one of those emergency doors and throw herself out there.

After an eternity of agonized waiting, the plane finally descended. Ko could already taste the fresh new air, compared to the old, stale, germy air that was circulated over and over inside the flying tube of aluminum. Once again, she glanced over at Kaz and Danielle as they were about to land. She saw Danielle seize the perfect opportunity to hold onto Kaz's arm exclaiming that she hated it when the plane lands. Ko snorted and rolled her eyes at this since she knew Danielle was running a little charade. But Kaz looked kinda pale... and green...

Oh no.

Before Ko could yell at Danielle to get away from him, Kaz dropped his head between his legs and made a sick, nasty noise as he hurled into the seat pocket in front of him. Danielle made a face and plastered herself to the wall as much as she could.

The sour smell of regurgitated food hit everyone's nostrils in a matter of seconds and they either started gagging or tried to cover the smell with their handkerchiefs. Several unfortunate people rushed to the lavatories, even though the flight attendants yelled at them to stay in their seats.

Almost as soon as the plane reached the gates, every single passenger grabbed their belongings in the speed of light and stampeded out of the plane like a herd of gorillas, coughing and choking into their handkerchiefs. Even the pilots and flight attendants ran along with them.

All the people who were about to board the plane stared at the parade of passengers rushing madly to the bathrooms, wondering if a stink bomb or poison gas was in the plane.

Ko, Kaz, and Danielle were the last ones to get out. One lady who was thoroughly convinced that toxic gas had been released into the plane gasped and pointed at Kaz who was leaning against Ko and Danielle for support.

"Oh my God! He's been poisoned! Is there a doctor in the airport?! He needs medical attention now!" She screamed.

Ko tried to explain that HE was the cause of the mass evacuation but the security guard already ran up to them, saying something along the lines of, "Don't worry, we called the medics,"

And about two minutes after saying that, people wearing yellow jackets and carrying those emergency situation kits appeared with their go-cart like automobile. People had already began crowding the three bewildered teenagers.

"Shit, he's been poisoned?"

"Is he going to live?"

"Why is he the only one that got affected?"

"I wonder what kind of poison it was,"

"Maybe it's the kind where you get diarrhea..."

"Look! He's coming back!" One person from the crowd yelled, pointing at Kaz who was on the floor. Kaz managed to get up weakly, with the help of the medics. One of the spectators looked at him worriedly.

"Hey man, you don't look too good..."

When Kaz's face turned an eery shade of green, Ko and Danielle instantly realized what he was about to do.

"Quick! Run for your lives!" Danielle screamed at the two medics. They looked up at her in surprise but it was too late. Kaz swung his head to one side and puked out his in-flight meal right into the emergency unit man's lap. The crowd around them backed away in unison, murmuring a painful groan of "ooh."

The other guy - the one who didn't get Kaz barf all over him - shrugged and gathered up his kit. "No worries folks, he's just a little sick from the flight,"

The crowd diminished within seconds, mumbling about dramatic people. Now that they lost everyone's interest, Ko took the time to actually study her surroundings.

"Oh Jeeze, we're in Hawaii..."

And she didn't even get a warm welcome with flower wreaths.


Next Chapter: Monster Trucking Grandpas, Workaholic Aunties, and Pink Volleyballs

A/N: This is one of the weirdest stories I've ever thought about... I got inspired when I was skimming through a particular humor/adventure story (no, I didn't plagiarize. Plagiarism is a big nono. Don't ever do or even THINK about it!)