"Sombre Romantic"٭

Your eyes have nothing of the kitschy
happy carefree foolish type of love
Sombre you are, my Romantic
and for aeons I could drink
the starry sea in your eyes
and never hit the bottom
of your mysteries.
is the pain in your love
the compassion in your knowing
my Sombre Romantic.
All earthly beauties, physical, transcending
are but a fraction's reflection
of You.
I need not seek elsewhere to satisfy
my brooding
plunged into darkness
your soul submerged in depression
"My heart," you groaned, "is exceedingly
sorrowful – even to death."
meet me right where I am
in the misty netherlands of sable confusion
a Hand parting the shadows, a Whisper
"Come, let me carry your burden."
Gentle glory
in frailty perfection
are indeed
my Sombre

٭ Inspired by Virgin Black's Album "Sombre Romantic".
Heartfelt thanks to Samantha Escarbe for making me see that dimension.

Dec. 10, 2003