Black rose of death

"Black rose of death
In my fist I clutch
Thorns shred my finger tips
And drips toxic blood"

Velvet petal agony
Barbed wire round my heart
Whispers "you are dying" in my brain
On my knees I crawl
Lay the flower in your hand
Whisper "I am dying" at your feet

Red rose of pain
Barbed wire round your brow
Thorns slice your wrists
I drink your holy blood

Kiss me one more time
With your tears of love
Whisper warm forgiveness in my heart

No more death I seek
It coursed through your veins
Whisper "you are risen" in my ear
All the pain inside
Flows through my wounds to yours
Whisper "I am healing" in my heart

White rose of life
In my hand I hold
Thorns touch my fingertips
The pain you control

Kiss me one more time
With your lips of light
Whisper "you are living" in my soul
Whisper "you are living" in my soul



A/N: The first four lines are a literal quotation taken from Green Day's song "Rotting". I was listening to the song quite often last weekend when I was feeling depressed. I could identify with the speaker, and part of me was even fascinated by the thought of death, or longing for death to end all the pain. On Sunday afternoon I went to church and during the service underwent the process depicted in this poem, giving the "black rose" into Jesus' hands and deciding anew to choose life over death, healing over self-destruction, hope over despair.