A/N: a piece of flash-fiction inspired by, and written for, Artemis Astralstar.

Bunnies In Iceland.

"I mean, it's like having bloody bunnies in Iceland!" Kian said with a roll of his eyes.

Grey snorted.  "What, you mean too cold to do what they're good at?" he drawled.

The youngest boy blushed and hung his head.  "Stop it, you two," he whispered.

Kian ignored his friend.  "No, really, it is!  I mean, guys liking guys is so freaky…"

"You sound like a girl," Grey pointed out unenthusiastically.

"At least I like females," Kian parried.  "I mean, those gay freaks are so wonky… shouldn't be allowed…"

Between them the younger boy cringed.  "Guys, please…"

Kian turned disgusted brown eyes down on his friend.  "Theo, you're not defending them, are you?"

Grey looked at Theo as well.  "You're not, are you?"

Theo blushed some more and averted his eyes.  "I just…  I just don't think it's fair… they can't help it…"

"Of course they can," Grey said with a shrug.  "It's not biologically normal to like members of your own sex; therefore if you do… your mind's playing some messed up games."

Theo nearly choked.

"Amen to that, brother," Kian returned.  "And Theo - stop being so bloody nice.  You know that fags are sick."

Theo finally pulled away and ran off.

Theo would be found that night with his wrists cut on his father's razor.

Only his two best friends would know why, in his suicide note, he had written:

One less bunny in Iceland.


FACT: 28.1% of all bi/homosexual teenage males and 20.5% of all female bi/homosexuals  will make a serious attempt at suicide due to their treatment by society.  These figures are growing constantly, and in some areas 40% of all bi/homosexual teens will try to take their own lives rather than face the abuse they are subject to.

They don't commit suicide because of their sexuality but because of how they're treated.

It's one sick world where school kids can turn on their friends, where a teenager can be attacked and even killed just because of their sexuality.