Hello, and who are you?
Who are you here to see?
My daughter Heidi? Oh, I'm sorry,
She's busy waxing her knees.
Oh, you'll wait a moment?
Okay, I understand.
Well, since you're here waiting,
Would you mind giving me a hand?
Just a little to the left,
There you go, right on the dot.
Well, since we've got a moment,
How about a little heart to heart?
My daughter is very special to me,
I'm sure you understand.
I trust her completely, but she's still very young,
And sometimes things can get out of hand.
Now, now, I'm not accusing you.
I'm sure you're a very honest lad.
But I was young once too, you know.
And I went through what you have.
Did I mention that my daughter's smart?
Straight A's in every course.
You wouldn't happen to be averaging less.
Ah, A's as well, of course.
She's talented too, you know.
She's been singing all her life.
I'm sure you've got many talents yourself.
You have got talents.right?
Of course, why had I doubted?
Ambition is the key.
Oh, speaking of ambition.
Have you got any?
You want to be a doctor?
A wise choice indeed.
But maybe something a little more stable.
Maybe someone involved in reading?
Yes, it is your choice.
I completely agree.
But may I just suggest the stock market?
It's been very helpful to me.
By the way-oh darling!
How are you my little pumpkin pie?
Don't worry, we were just chatting.
No, that's not a lie.
You've made a fine choice, I have to admit.
Yes, I know it's just a date.
But dating leads to.sorry hun.
It is getting pretty late.
I guess I can't keep you longer.
Go on, have a good time.
Be back at ten! Eleven then!
Okay, but no later than 12:09.
Ah, there she goes.
My beautiful, little girl.
Why, it seems like only yesterday
That we brought her into this world.
That boy seems rather suitable,
But you can never tell.
I better hurry if I want to catch up;
Keys, wallet, and cell.
All right, on we go.
On a quest to follow the two.
Wait, who's that calling?
Honey.oh shoot.what am I going to do?
Oh, I'm just.delivering groceries.
I'll be back in a sec.
Fine, oh fine. You caught me.
I'm just trying to protect-
Okay! I'll stay.
Stop pulling me. I'm going back inside.
I just wanted to make sure that boy was good,
He didn't look like a safe ride.
I'm not over-reacting.
I'm just being a dad.
Besides, there's no such thing
As "just a date" being had.