It was the best of times it was...the best of times, didn't I just say that, reatard? I was eating a krispy kream donut. Not only that but I was listening to Mood Rings by Relient K on my cd player. I spend most of my time at my local donut store. Now from me saying that you probably think, wow this girl is going to be fat. But believe it or not, I'm really not! Actually I'm 17 and as skinny as a whistle. Is that the right saying, o I don't know. But anyways, today had been the greatest day. I don't see how it could get any better.. Hey the guy messed up and gave me an extra donut! I couldn't think how anything could go wrong, but I was very mistaken. As I stood up to leave my head was jolted back down. The wire from my head phones had gotten wedged between the table. I found my self loosing my balance and I blacked out at some point before I must of hit the ground. I found my self waking up with people all around me staring.frozen. I had no idea what they were looking at. I mean sure I girl falls over every now and then but it's not that amazing. Suddenly I realized they weren't actually looking at my face. I looked down to see I was covered from neck to toe in jelly donuts. I started screaming cause the stickiness was just gross. Form what I can tell I had nocked over a box of grape jelly donuts when I tripped. To make it all worse my clothes were ruined. The man at the counter help me to my feet. "Katie are you ok?" what stupid question, but I tried to act calm. "No I'm covered in jelly, do I look ok!" alright so I didn't really react very well, but who would. The man at the counter was actually really nice, I went into the bathroom and tried to clean up the best I could and the man gave me a ride back home. I didn't go back for donuts for a while, but even when I did, I would always remember the day of the donuts.