"Yes mom! I'll take the dog for a walk!" Nathan hollored, unbeknowest to him, those would be the last english words he would speak. "After I go for a swim," Nathan thought to himself. He ran as fast as he could to the creak, but as he was going he realized it all seemed quieter than usual. In fact Nathan didn't see a single human or animal in sight. Nathan ripped off all his clothes and dove into the cold water. He kept swimming around feeling free and happy untill he looked back at wear he left his clothes and realized they were gone!!! He decided he couldn't go back the way he came cause it was 5 and cars would be everywhere cause people were coming back from work. He started walking down the edge of the stream untill suddenly he heard a weird sound coming from behind him, then in front, in fact heard it from all around. Nathan was getting a little freaked and then he looked up. He saw something that he only thought possible on the sci fi channel. A UFO!!! A beem shot down and he saw a little green man come out. " Must be dreaming" Nathan mutered, but if wasn't in English, in fact he'd never heard the language he was speaking before, but he could understand it somehow. "Actually it's not a dream, but I it might as well be your nightmare." Said the alien in a voice that made Nathan squirm. "You will be our new sugject of study, and chances are you will die."

Moral of the story, do what your mom says when she asks!!!