Love In The Medical School
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the 12th of March that Jason Kramer
Had started medical school,in order to become a doctor.
But suddenly,he had accidently bumped into a fellow student
Named Gracie Weaver and his eyes had gone full tint,
For she was the one who looks like Jennifer Garner,
One of his favorite stars on the TV series,Alias.

And then,after he had moved and let her pass,
Both Jason and Gracie had looked at each other and
Smiled like they've just discovered a newfound true love and
Wonder how to make it last without being so crass.

Sometime later,after they were finally done with their classes
And started to compare notes,Gracie took off her glasses
And Jason was able to see how beautiful she really
Was,walk over to her and asked why had she
Decided to go into medical school and be among masses
Of would be doctors,only to find out that her
Response to that question was the same as the others.

And after he had noticed that they both had something
In common,which was to be the ones who're helping
People by giving them the trully best medical care ever,
They both had looked at and kissed each other on
The lips,just before he closed the door,turned on
The smooth music and began to make mad,passionate love
In the medical school library--and just like two doves,
They both had decided to stay together from now on.