The Girl In The Shower

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Friday,March the 12th that a Baldwin Wallace college graduate had moved into his new house in suburbs of Cleveland,Ohio with hopes of finding himself some work in the city.

And then,after he had finally finished settling in,the new tenant named Oliver Rosenberg has decided to go upstairs and take a shower.

But as soon as he had gotten upstairs and suddenly heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom,Oliver had opened the bathroom door and discovered a nude woman who looked like the star of the TV show,JAG,Catherine Bell washing herself

And after he had asked her why was she taking a shower in his house,she had looked at Oliver and asked him what was he doing in her house.

Then,after he had told her that a guy named Charlie had sold the house to him,the poor girl had thrown such a fit and began to cry her eyes out.Just then,after Oliver had placed his gentle hand on the shoulder of the girl named Jessica Walters and she had turned towards him,the duo had looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And after Oliver had removed all of his clothes and joined Jessica in the shower,the two newfound lovers had began to enjoy a few moments of pure,untamed erotica.

After they had finished their shower,both Oliver and Jessica had gone downstairs to the living room,turned on some smooth music and snuggled up to the warmth of a mewly lit fireplace--just a guy named Oliver Rosenberg and Jessica Walters,the one who was the girl in the shower.