The Bet

Story idea ~ bunniehoney Written by ~ luhkiecharms

Hello, my name is Umihiko Mitsuya. I'm 16, 5"8, studly, extremely hot, and... err, in a dress. Your probably thinkin' what the heck a macho, good lookin' guy is doin' in dis lil gurly school girl uniform.... AND NO! I DON'T HAVE PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS! .. Nor am I a transsexual, though, I havta admit, this skirt lets in a breeze, and it kinda feels nice, but that ain't the point!

Here's the scoop, yo: I go to a gay all guy school called, St. Francis of Assisi School for Boys, and dere's dis all chick school across the river called St. Rose Academy for Young Ladies, buncha totally hot girls dere.. but anyway, I'm goin' off track again, da chick principal made dis bet dat a guy can't last a whole year at an all girl school, and off course we all thought dat that was a whole bunch of bunk!!

... and dats why a hunk of meat like me is in a skirt. Logical reason, right? Gotta prove to da world dat da male species can do anythin' da gurly species can do; it's a noble cause!!

"Umi! Oh Umi!"

"Huh?" I turned around and dere runnin' toward me smilin' and wavin' was da foxiest babe I ever laid eyes on. "Oh, hey Emi," I said in da most girly voice I could muster.

A stupid grin painted across my face, my brain suddenly began to watch her in slow-mo; her light brown hair flowin' behind her, da wind unmercifully teased me as it lightly lifted up her skirt showin' some of Emi's thigh, her ches----- AAAHHH!! BAD THOUGHTS, BAD THOUGHTS!!!

I clamped my hands to da sides of my head and shook it to make myself come back to my senses.

"Errr... Are you okay?" Emi's right eyebrow was cocked up, she looked at me as if I had lost a few marbles, and wasn't sure if I was mentally stable. I nodded. I guess my response was da only reason dat she needed 'cuz she smiled, and smoothly linked arms with me.

Oh yah, I thought, you totally want me...

"You're going to be late for P.E." Emi tugged my arm, "Come on, silly!"


"Alright girls!" yelled Mrs. Suzuki, da Phys Ed teacher. She clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Let's stretch!"

All da hotties began to lift their right arms and leaned to their right, which made da gurls waists arch, and den they slowly began descending to da floor: dis made it so dat their *ahem* rears, were in plain view. I tilted my head and admired da work of our Lord.

I gotta say dis man, whoever invented P.E. stretch is a god.. Dis was off the heezie!! Why can't dey have dis at Saint Francis?!

"Miss Mitsuya!! What in the world do you think you're doing?!"

The old grouchy P.E. teacher broke my daydreaming stance; she glared at me, and waited for my response.

"Err, I was, umm.." I stuttered.

Mrs. Suzuki sighed and wagged her index finger at me, "You are very lazy, while all your classmates were working hard, you were just standing there drooling like a complete idiot. What's wrong with you?"

The teach walked to me and stood beside me, she den gazed in da direction I was daydreaming in.

"It looks like you were looking at Miss Toyama's buttocks.." Her stern look pierced me, "Would you like to explain to me and the class, why the sudden fascination?"

Oh shoot. Looky here homies, I was turnin' beet red... BEET! I looked like one of those lil radishes at Vons. I hadda think of somethin' fast yo, cuz if not, I would have been founded out!

"Errr," I said again, I glanced over at Fujiko Toyama, who had her hands on her hips and lookin' at me with interest, "Uhh, I thought I saw something on her pants, but I was mistaken..."

"MmmHmm, well I guess that's reasonable enough," Da instructor eyed me suspiciously, and walked back to da front of the gym, "Okay girls, go grab some weights.."

I followed da herd of woman to dis plastic box full of little, shiny, silver dumbbells. Each chicka snagged two. I was about to pick one up myself when Emi and her friend, Furu, walked over. Dey gave me a sly smile and picked up a pair of 5lb weights.

"Your first time?" Emi asked, "Usin' weights I mean?"

I nodded, "Yup, my first."

Furu walked over to me and patted me strongly on the back, which made me falter and swagger around a bit. "Then maybe you should use the 1lb weight," she suggested.

Hold up, 1lb weight? These chicks gotta be mental. I am a man, I ain't no wuss!!

"Errrr, no thanks, I think I can handle 5lbs..."

Da two friends looked at one another and soon afterwards regained their focus on me as I tried to find another 5 lb dumbbell, and to my success, dere it was! I seized it and pulled, but it didn't budge.. Dis time I used both my hands and pulled once more, but still, it didn't move an inch!!

I looked up at da two girls pathetically; Emi was checkin' out her nails and Furu was playin' with her braided brown hair while laughin' hysterically.

"Uhhh, Ooops, I thought that was a 1 lb.." I said tryin' not to sound or look embarrassed, but da two girls saw through my cover up.

"Dude!!" Furu managed to say between the laughter, "I .. said...grab..a 1lb..weight!!"

"We tried to warn you, they're heavy!" Emi rose her eyebrows, "We can get the 5lb bell cuz we've been doin' these exercises for a while..."

She bent down, grabbed two weights and handed them to me, but I thought even these 1 pounders were still pretty heavy..

I went back to my spot, and Mrs. Suzuki bellowed, "Alright everybody! Bend your knees and pull your dumbbell up the lining of your waist, and then transition to the next arm. Ready? Go!"

Da ladies were able to do it with no difficulty, but da exercise started to get to me after uppy number 15! My arms and waist started to hurt, so to give me more energy I started to grunt. People around me stopped and gawked at me. The teacher ran to me and started to poke and prod at me. "Your not getting a hernia or an ulcer are you?!"

I shook my head and looked at her strangely, "Hernia..?"

"Then why were you grunting? It sounded like you were in pain, or something was wrong with you!!"

"Oh, uuhhh..."

"Ah nevermind!" She snipped around and clapped her hands. "Alright kids, into your teams, volleyball time!!"


Everythin' was black. I opened my eyes and sittin' sweetly on my dormitory bed was Emi. She smiled and crawled on top of me, I gulped and stammered, "E-Emi, Wh-what are you d-d-doin'?"

"I knew all along you were a guy," she smirked, "and all along, I thought you were hot." She slid of my wig and stroked my cheek up and down.

I grinned and replied, "I always knew you wanted me..."

I took her hand, which felt very... errr. furry? I looked up at her confused, and when she opened her mouth she cried, "Meow."

My eyes shot open, and found da hugest, most fattest, most tubbiest cat I had ever seen. It meowed again, and rubbed my cheek with its paw...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I pushed da fat cat off my chest and it sat on the floor and gazed at me with da most befuddled expression known to man.

Emi and Furu ran into the room I was in, which I finally recognized as Mrs. Suzuki's office.

"What's wrong?" dey chorused.

"I'll tell you what's wrong!! I WAS JUST VIOLATED BY A CAT!!"

"Violated?" Emi asked, she picked up da cat, "By Rosie?"

She walked over to me and lifted it to my face, so all I saw was cat fur and blubber. "No, not by Rosie," I answered her sarcastically.

The stupid cat continued to stare until it lifted up its paw and put it to my face once again. "That is soo wrong..." My legs faltered and I started to stagger.

The two friends shrugged at each other and Emi let Rosie go, and she padded out of da office.

"How did I get in here anyways?" I asked suddenly. I realized dat I was in PE, but now I was in coach's room; and I wanna know how I got from dere to here.

"You passed out from a nose bleed," Emi answered simply.

"Ha ha! That was sooo funny!" Furu slapped her knee and giggled a bit, "We were playin' volleyball and you were just standin' there!! 'N' then the ball came at yah, so you looked up and chaised after it, 'n' didn't hear Miyagi-kun say "I got it!!" 'n' you ran into her chest!!" she paused and giggled some more, "You should have seen your face, Umi-chan! You arched backward and your nose started bleedin' and everything----"

"Ch-ch-chest?!" I stammered.

"Yup, you ran straight into her boobies!" Emi confirmed, "Come on! Lets get our lunches and go, I wanna snack before block 2!!!"

Da two chicks turned and walked out da door, I stood up and followed them to Emi's gym locker. She unlocked da lock and opened it to retrieve her food, when suddenly she puts it down and turns to Furu.

"Hey, come with me to the bathroom to wash my hands," Emi looked at her dirty palms and digits with displeasure, "those stupid volleyballs were filthy."

"Yeah, okay." Furu nodded and turned to me, "We'll be right back."

As I sat dere, curiosity consumed me, and I wanted to know what was in her locke. So I mustered up all da courage I got and peeked inside da locker. Inside, dere was a buncha gurlie things, like smelly stuff, make-up, her PE uniform...and herrr, herrrr.. My eyes popped out of my head, and her underwear!!!

I reached inside and took it, The pink ribbon strung in and out connecting to two little pink bows on da right and left side, I stretched da elastic and thought to myself, Dang, dere soo small! I put da underwear back where I found it, and decided to see if dere were any other lockers dat the gurls didn't close.. and sure enough, I found one.

I opened it up and found da exact same stuff dat was in Emi's locker except this chick had a..


....and I passed out again.


"Hey sleeping beauty!" piped Emi, "You woke up just in time for lunch!"

"Yeah dude, I'm jealous, you missed two classes cuz of your loss of consciousness," Furu said with a hint of envy in her voice, "but is it normal to black out from nosebleeds?"

"Ohh, ha ha," I put my left arm behind my head and laughed nervously, "Errr, uuhhh..I'm vitamin V deficient."

"Oh." Was their answer, dey helped me up from the attendance/nurse lady's couch and escorted me outside to eat. We sat down and opened our lunches, and dats when everything started goin' down hill...

"OmigoshEmidon'tyoumissNa-chanandYoshi-kun*?!" Furu blurted out quickly. (* Omigosh Emi, don't you miss Na-chan and Yoshi-kun?!")

"UhCheah!Who'sgonnaeattherestofmylunch*?" Emi responded, "Yoshialwayshelpedmefinish*!!" (* Uh cheah! Who's gonna eat the rest of my lunch? / Yoshi always helped me finish!!)

"Wait? What?" I interrupted, "You miss Jimmy Neutron on Fox?"

Dey were talkin' way too fast for me to understand!! I got confuzzled, yo.

Emi looked at me strangely while Furu blew up in laughter, "Where did you get that?!" dey said in sync.

"Omigosh!!" Furu began again, "Doesn't that sound like----"

"Yeah!! The time when Yoshi was like----" Emi added.

Furu started pointing and laughing, "YES! AND THEN HOW SHE WAS ALL----"

"GRAPEFRUIT!!!" dey both said at da same time, and started crackin' up. I just sat dere all bewildered, I had no idea what was goin' on....were dey talkin' through dere brains or something?

Da two girls looked at me, and dis seemed to add to their amusement cuz off dey went howlin' like laughin' hyenas.


Durin' da second meal of da day, I didn't collapse into another nosebleed coma; and so, I hadda go to da block three class..which was pretty borin'. We did nuthin' but work. I hate to admit it, but I'm startin' to miss St. Francis, dey didn't make us do jack! We'd jus' fool 'round all day, and throw paper airplains at random people, but here, dang, you do somethin' like scratch your toe durin' class, dey give yah'll detention!!!

Dat ain't right..

Anyways, what was really cool was after school... oh ha ha, I rhymed, dang, I got skills. Emi ran up to me and asked, since it was Friday, did I want to come over to her dormitory and have a sleep over party, shoot, I didn't even have to think..guess what I said?

So around 6 PM I walked to her room with blankets and pillow in hand. I tapped her door and she opened it and greeted me with a smile. "Hi Umi- chan! Glad you could make it!!"

I walked inside and found Furu, Fujiko Toyama, and Izume Miyagi sittin' on da beds. Dey all grinned and waved at me, and I awkwardly waved back.

"..So do you want to do it?" Fujiko asked, holding a circular white container with a little bumble bee on it.

"I'm in," Izume said, "I'm in dire need, haven't done it for a couple weeks now!"

"Yeah, me too," Emi chimed in, "it's starting to gross me out, I'm all spiky."

Fujiko looked at Furu, "How about you?" Furu's eyes were wide and she shook her head. "Hmm okay," the red head shrugged, ". and you?" Fujiko's eyes were now on me.

"And me for what?" I asked.


She held up da same white container with a little bee on it. Oh! Honey! I thought. That's cool, that's cool.

"Yeah, sure!" I said trying to bubble in girliness.

"Okay, follow me!!" Fujiko exclaimed excitedly. I followed da girls into da bathroom... Dis is a weird place to eat honey, thought I as I wandered into da restroom.

"Alright, you first Umi-kun!" da girls motioned me to sit down on da tub, so I did. Dey rolled up my pant legs and Fujiko looked at me skeptically, "How long has it been for you, a year?"

I gave her a baffled expression, and she continued on with her business.

Why did dey roll up my pant leg? Why are dey putting da honey in hot water? Why is da honey hard?! It started to melt and dey got dis popsicle stick and dunked it into da honey. Fujiko den put da stuff on my leg..but why? And, and what's with da long strip? Wait a darn pickin' minute----



"Great Fujiko, you made him pass out!!" Inzume cried.

"..but I think it's better than last time, cuz his nose didn't start bleedin'." Emi pointed out.

"Ha ha, yeah!!" Fujiko chuckled, "We should do something to him tomorrow.."

"Oh! I heard that Rei-kun is ridding the crimson wave!!" Emi plotted evilly, "And since she's ridding it, I bet you anything that her group is on it too!"

"Can you believe he actually thought that we didn't know he was a guy?" Furu bubbled.

"Why is there a guy here anyway?" Inzume thought out loud.

The four girls sat in the restroom in silence, as they pondered this life mystery, until Emi came to one reasonable conclusion:

"Oh, I know!" She cried out with her index finger pointing to the ceiling, "he's a perv!!"

"Oh, yeah, that makes sense.." The girls responded; they laughed and left poor Umihiko Mitsuya, unconscious in the tub.



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