The blood runs faster as my skin gets whiter.
The fingers are ice cold.
I'm shivering as I watch the deep rich red run.
"Everyone would miss you." You told me.
"We'd all be very sad."
I don't care. I just feel like dying. Screw it all.
Life just sucks and there's nothing I can do.
All it took was just one cut for old habits to return.
It stings and hurts but it's okay b/c that's what I want.
That is what I crave.
Yes, I crave for my skin too bleed and for me to slowly die.
I'm just damn sick of living.
Please let me bleed.
Stop holding me; bandaging me.
Stop telling me to live!
Saying obvious lies; stop crying for me; telling me to live.
I touch your tears that fall for me.
It's the first smile I've given.
You're crying for me.
With blood on my fingertips I touch your face.
With ice cold lips I kiss you.
You're crying for me.
You're holding me in your arms.
You're crying for me.
Smiling, I die with that last and final thought and
with that last and final kiss.