Before You Criticize My Beliefs.
11 March 2004
9:40 P.M.

Before you criticize my beliefs, answer me this - were you there? Did you see them, whips in hand, mocking my Lord? Did you see them with that crown of thorns, mocking the Saviour of the world? Did you see them nail Him to the Cross and cast lots for His clothing? Did you see Him stand by and take their insults? Did you see Him pray that God forgive them even as the nails pierced His skin?
Before you criticize my beliefs, open your heart and hear my words. He became poor; the One Who had it all became poor for love's sake. He fed the hungry; the One Who stands at the right hand of God the Father humbled Himself and fed the hungry. He took up the Cross of Sin - of your sin, of my sin, the sin of the world; the One who is the Son of God died for you, died for me, died for the world.
Before you criticize my beliefs, think about that. Our God came to the earth in human form to share His love and provide His children with a direct ticket to Heaven if only they will call on Him and place their faith in Him. Before you criticize my beliefs, would you think about that?