One Day
11 March 2004
9:19 P.M.
Seeking approval and acceptance
Relying on the words of others
Trying to impress everyone
Focusing on being liked by others
But one day, I will find me.
One day I will seize my opportunities
One day I will find my independence
One day I will spread my wings and soar
Doing always what others want
Keeping things to myself for fear of rejection
Allowing others to make my choices for me
Wanting to badly to not be invisible
But one day I will just be me
One day I will break free from it all
One day I will live my own life
One day I will spread my wings and soar.
Being afraid of making the wrong turn
Being afraid to be on my own
Being afraid of independence and responsibility
Being afraid of just being me
But one day that will all chance
One day I will stand in confidence
One day I will fly high above your expectation
One day I will finally spread my wings and I will soar.