Maria and I were just on the bus a Friday afternoon, coming home from school. We were psyched, because we got Monday and Tuesday off!

"Man, I can't wait!" I yelled.

"Me neither! Just think of all the fun we'll have! We'll rollerblade, play video games, watch movies." Maria trailed off.

Two ninth grade guys started walking out of the bus. Maria stared at them. "Wow. they're HOT," she muttered to me.

They must've caught her staring, because they yelled, "Bye, guys!!" at us.

"BYE GIRLS!" we yelled back, to tease them.

Our stop finally came, and we power-walked toward home. Then, on the other side of the 3-lane street, we saw those same 9th graders again. They saw us, too.

Once again, we screamed, "HI, GIRLS!" across the street.

One of them yelled something random about dogs or something at us. Then, he did something highly offensive. (Wow, I used "something" 3 times! YEAH!)

He stuck his hand in his pants. Then he turned around, pulled his pants down, and mooned us.

We ran home faster than we ever did in a month, believe me. O_o

"Erica, what's wrong?" my mom asked, worried, as I slammed the door shut, panting.

"There are. (pant) two full moons tonight." I said, not wanting her to know anything more than that.

"Huh?" she thought, as I slumped to my room.

About a half an hour later, Maria called me.

"Hey, you got any homework?" she asked.

"Nah. Do you?" I replied dully.

"Nope. Wanna do something?"

"Sure, like what?"

"Let's go rollerblading."

"OK," I agreed. "I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Cool, bye."


I went back into my room, clumsily tied my skates on, and went outside. It was such a nice day. I met Maria on the sidewalk.

"So where you wanna go?" I asked her.

"Let's go bug Ben!" she told me hurriedly.


We went to his house, which was only a few blocks away. On the sidewalk, his little brother Jim and sister Maddie were playing some little game.

"Hey, where's Ben?" Maria asked them.

"He's sleeping," Maddie whispered.

I immediately yelled, "Sleeping?! Sleeping my A-"

"Erica, don't cuss in front of little kids!" Maria scolded.

"Oh. sorry," I said sulkily. "As I was saying, 'sleeping' my BUTT!" Obviously, I didn't believe her. "Why you whispering, anyway? We're outside!"

"I'm telling you, he's sleeping!" Jim screamed in my face.

"OK, OK! We believe you! Sheesh!" Maria whispered.

We walked, er, um, skated away.

About an hour later, we felt an "Odd Presence," as I like to call it.

Stay tuned, kiddies, for CHAPTER TWO: THE INVASION!!!!!!