Ch. 6: Revelations


It was 5:00, and I was bored. My reflexes told me to call up Maria.

"Hello?" Another girl had answered the phone.

"Hi, Tina, is Maria there?" Tina was Maria's little sister, but she wasn't much younger than us. She way past her 'evil mongrel' stage, as I liked to call it.

"Yep, just a second. MAARRRIIIIAAA!!!!"

"Hey, Erica," Maria answered. She sounded nervous.

"Umm. is everything OK over there?"

"Well, not really. Meet me outside."

"OK," We met on the driveway. "So, what's your beef?"

"What?" Maria made a face at me.

"My band teacher said that."

"Um. OK then."

"Yeah so. you sounded really weird on the phone. Something wrong?"

"Well, yeah."

"Tell me!"

"Around midnight, some evil little kids ambushed me with water guns."

"Really?" I asked, shocked. "Did you make it out OK?"

"Yeah, I slammed the door on them. I was squirtless."

"That's good." I said, relieved.

"We need to get them back somehow!"

I thought for a second. An idea popped into my head. "Tonight, I have to babysit. Maybe I could, um, find some sort of weakness?"

"Good idea. Be careful, though."

"I will."

"See ya later."

Around 7:00, my mom and I got into the car. She was going to drop me off at my babysitting job at the Smiths', which is Justin's family.

We arrived, and I got out. I went to the door and met Lucy, who is Justin's little sister, and her parents. They told me Justin was out at a friend's house; probably Ben's, I figured.

Her parents left. She stared at me, unmoving and completely silent. I stood a distance away from her. It was unbearable!

I got so uncomfortable; I just had to say something. "Hi," was all I could squeak out.

She never took her eyes off me.

After what seemed like an eternity, I left the room and flopped on the couch. I turned the TV on and peeked at her. She was still staring in my direction! I turned away and watched cartoons. It was hard to ignore her.

Then I heard footsteps. She was coming closer! I froze, still trying to ignore her.

Slowly, her feet padded towards me. I still pretended not to notice. Ice- cold sweat dripped down my face.

I felt something clammy, cold, and slightly sticky with ice cream creep down my neck. I screamed and flailed my arms.

The remote was knocked to the floor from my spasmattack. The channel accidentally changed.

Lucy noticed first. Her eyes automatically glued to the TV. She gently let go of me and sat down on the floor. She never blinked or made a sound.

She sat there for hours on end. I watched in amazement.

Just then, it hit me. I called Maria.

"Maria!" I told her. "I know the midgets' weakness!"

"Really?!" Cough it up!"

"Barney marathons."