Yellow Flowers

I try to make it a point to find the beauty in all of the things that surround me. There are these beautiful trees that are in bloom right now, as a matter of fact. They are just wooden limbs stretching up to the sky, leafless, but covered in bright yellow flowers. This tree stands out in my memory every time that I see it, because there are cascades of yellow petals clinging to every branch. The color is exquisite. It isn't an ethereal majestic beauty, like looking at the millions of stars that light up the universe. It is a beauty steeped in emotion. The color is like sunshine, happiness, smiles and laughter, all mixed up into one and growing up from the earth.

I look for these trees as I drive home. I was almost home. As always, I was enjoying the scenery in my neighborhood. As I turned onto my street, I noticed that the neighbor had one of those gorgeous yellow trees, standing up proudly, in the front yard of his house. I remember thinking "I wish we had one of those trees at my house."

A week goes by and I am once again getting home. I open the door to my house and a splash of color in the backyard catches my attention. I look through the sliding glass doors, only to see a blanket of bright yellow petals covering the grass all over my backyard. I step outside and look up to sky. Against a backdrop of blue sky, I see the yellow tree, my yellow tree, in my backyard.

My mind noted and even coveted the beauty that others possessed. However, I failed to appreciate the beauty that is my very own. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and open our eyes, in order to truly see the splendor of living. W need to stop and smell the roses, especially the ones that are already in full bloom in our lives.