I cannot go to bed
'Cuz if I do I'm surely dead
For there's a monster under there!
In dark he creeps and claws my sheets
I think he'd like to eat me whole
Or serve me up with Billy soup
And Annie a la mode dessert.
It's late at night-I hear him growl
He's hungry for a midnight snack
And I'm his favorite candidate.
Oh no! I see him! There he is!
He's.heading for the fridge? But why?
He's got my Dr. Pepper (Gasp!) instead!
I run and flip the light switch on
The monster shrinks and screams and dies.
And now he's just some purple goo
Staining mommy's kitchen floor.
And though I was so scared before
I won't be anymore, 'cuz now
I know that monsters don't eat kids.
But monsters, don't you dare come to
My door, the Dr. Pepper's MINE
Forever more.