A place where,
Your face molds equivalent to others.
Nothing more petrifying than to believe
in this faith, rather than not to.
Your body is under His control,
with the mind you thought you developed
has been cast away into his imperium.

A place where,
You thought was euphoria, heaven,
Above the sky where dreams were real
but you realize your life was nothing.
Skies adverted together, not night
nor day, never seeing the sunshine again,
and your interior descends into Him.

A place where,
no names even exist in the kingdom
and stepping on land is like,
knives impaling your toes each moment.
You seek for another hand to hold
and a reassurance life is not over,
but life as you knew it has surpassed.

A place where,
this amorphous splodge called God
levitates before your eyes,
and his tears burn you and seethe
into your wounds on the journey up.
He attempts to strike you into a stupor
and you can only comply to his deeds.

A place where,
Your body is heaving, oppressing tightly,
your mind slowly obliterating
into him, your flesh is now a blotch,
unidentified, no name, no reflection.
He drains your conscious mind within
the atrocious kingdom of God surrounds you.

A place where,
You wish you never perceived the image
of his unknown pasty white face,
and you realize he reigns as a king,
a king to drain away your mortality.
You open your mouth to speak to him
But he shredded you from your own voice.

God, why did you take her to this place?
You deceive all the followers...