By:Andrew Troy Keller

On Sunday,March the 14th,a beautiful UCLA graduate named Joanna Cage had just arrived in the city of Denver,Colorado,in order to go to work for Stellarlight Industries,whose CEO just happens to be an old friend of her father's.

After she had gotten herself settled into her new house,Joanna had suddenly gotten a call from her new boss,who had told her to report to a nearby testing site ASAP.

And as soon as she had arrived at the site and introduced herself to the site's foreman,he told her that she looked exactly like a star of the TV series 'Charmed' named Alyssa Milano--and that she was just as beautiful in person as she was on TV.

And then,after she had thanked him for such a kind compliment,the company's CEO had walked over to Joanna,welcomed her to the company and asked her to come with him to check out Stellarlight Industries' newest invention,which was a device that could transport a human being without the aid of any type of spacecraft.

But then,after they had activated the machine and discovered that it had failed to work,Joanna had walked over to the device to find out what had gone wrong,only to have the device suddenly turn on by itself,thus creating a powerful vortex that was pulling her into the suction like void.

And after the foreman saw what was happening,he had raced over to save her,but was too late,for poor Joanna has already been sucked into the otherdimensional vortex and disappeared from this very planet Earth.

And while everyone else was trying to figure out what went wrong with the transport device,Joanna has zoomed way across the many galaxies and landed on a planet where the atmosphere was simular to that of her home planet.

And after she had realized that she might be back on Earth,Joanna was feeling like she had no choice,but to go to sleep,which was what she had done.

But then,after she had finally opened her eyes,Joanna had suddenly became shocked to discover that she was on a different world,for she was sleeping nude

in a totally wonderously decorated bedroom--and when she had looked at the view outside of the room,it was like something out of the TV series,'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century'.

Then suddenly,the bedroom's door had opened and an unusually dressed chamber maid had entered the room with a gold rimmed bathrobe,which Joanna had put on.

And after she had finally gotten out of the bed and followed the chamber maid out of the bedroom,Joanna was able to go see her host named Queen Mikra,who had looked at Joanna,let out a smile and told her that she was looking more beautiful than ever.

Just then,after a confused Joanna had asked the Queen how was she able to get to that new world,Mikra had let out a smile and told her that they had used quite an unusual remote control unit to control Stellarlight Industries' very own transport device.

And after Mikra had looked through a viewing device and saw the most beautiful woman in the universe,she had ordered her royal subjects to use the remote control to bring Joanna to her homeworld.

Just then,after she had heard the whole story,Joanna was about to demand to be taken back to Earth,only to have Mikra kiss her ever so passionately on the lips.

And then suddenly,instead of pushing herself away from the Queen,Joanna had allowed Mikra to keep on kissing her,open her robe and touch her nude body.

Then,after Joanna had taken off her robe and Mikra had removed her royal dress,the two starcrossed lovers had laid themselves down on the floor and began to enjoy a moment of pure and untamed erotica,while the rest of Mikra's homeworld had kept on going about their own business.

Sometime later,after they had finished their moment of pure pleasure,Mikra had asked Joanna to stay with her and be her personal companion.

And after she had thought about it for a minute or two,Joanna had looked at Mikra,let out a smile and said 'Yes' to Mikra's offer.

Meanwhile,back on Earth,the Stellarlight Industries personal had recieved a message from Joanna's new homeworld.

It was Joanna--and she's saying 'Goodbye' to them.