Unknown Path
As I roam across a vast unknown land,
Slowly breaking barriers constructed,
My feelings foam like the waves towing sand;
False rivulets flow thus aqua-ducted.
Oh! Tears fall like the ever-pelting rain,
Sinking evermore in deep emotions.
Wax fa├žade melt quick as I drip in pain;
Mine drops plummet down bottomless oceans.
Yet behold! On Ancient Island I find
A lighthouse, a beacon, shining brightly.
Take solace in dry solitude of mind;
Heated calm alights as I warm slightly.
When I glimpse again, my love, my homeland,
Reach out, take hold, and grab extended hand.

Ode to Grandpa
Underneath a prim white row of cold stone
Lies my sorrow, wreathed in flowers sewn.
Ever-waiting wretch, once again smile;
Thy twinkling blue eyes twice more beguile.
Alas! Stay forever covered in worm and earth;
No more need to live, no more corpse to rebirth.
A day as blust'ry as Jack Frost's Christmas
Turns from bright red to blue on bland litmus.
But through these few yellow bodies springing,
Once more can your deep voice be heard singing.
Saluting your lonely and solemn fate;
Thoughts of you never die, never abate.
Never forget, the only way to preserve
Thy cheerful memory, as thou deserve.

Starless Heaven
Cloudy breaths float up into the dark night
Twisting slowly, a sliver of life freed.
Heavy fears are released as the slight Wight
Hovers in the dim chill gathering speed.
Please continue, and reach the inky sky
Fly! Fly! And pass the trees and gloomy fog.
Haunting whispers dissipate and you cry,
Why? You ask. For you must be as a cog
Yet turn ever so slightly different
From the rest, make your own trail and climb up
Until you see Him and know he is sent.
The moon bursts from behind gray cover-up,
So again you see the light for it glows.
Is the beam heaven sent? Finite? Who knows?