Preaching to the Converted

How many people will have to say

Something true in a new way?

Before anyone bothers to listen

Or change anything about their lives?

How many times will I write?

Something I believe and start a fight?

Before anything ever changes

Or anyone cares to help it happen?

How many gay marriages will be ignored?

Something to be hated and abhorred?

Before someone says, "I have a dream."

And once again frees a shackled group?

How many Muslims will be hurt?

Something wrong, they won't convert

Before someone decides to shift the blame

Away from the innocent Islamic Americans?

How many Jews will be alone?

Something no one will ever condone?

Before someone invites them into their group

And realizes they're not so different?

How many "whites" will still deny

Something they said made a "colored" person cry

Before someone combines the groups again

Without racial slur or nasty fights

How many Witches will have to pretend

Something didn't happen so they won't offend

Before someone realizes that early Christianity

Was blended with early Paganism?

How many senior citizens will cry for a while

Something disregarded as "senile"

Before someone realizes that they need to be loved

And someone goes to visit them again?

How many times will I have to hope?

Something changes and we'll learn to cope

Before something violent commences

And people tear themselves apart, again.