Every crinkle in my skin,
Tells of old age,
My eyes hinder truth,
Like my diary and it's page.

Death shall greet me soon,
I shall bid this world farewell,
I loved it while it lasted,
But now it's turned to hell.

I talk of things of long ago,
When the world was a different place,
I think of things long since past,
Of my lovers and their grace.

I talk of things of things I have seen,
And only I have known,
The beauty of the storm,
What lies within my home.

I talk of voices I have heard,
Of whispers on the wind,
Of secrets long forgotten,
And of sinful things.

I talk of the past a past long gone,
Where everything was free,
Where difference was unique,
You where what you wanted to be.

But amongst the old I shall sit,
Time has since passed me by,
Goodbye to life farewell to love,
In my coffin I now lie.

By Siobhan
Date: 15/March/2004