Please… Just One More Kiss…

Her locks are soft curls of love and smiles.

Her laughter could be heard for miles.

Face shining brightly as the sun.

A gentle touch from her hand…

Lets you know that you're the only one.

Youth bouncing in her soul.

Her body just as old…

Not saying a word to you-

But holding you like there's no tomorrow.

You'd give her anything…

And your heart is what she borrows.

The times you spend together-

You'd like nothing better than to hold her forever.

(The dream is almost real…)

Your nights and days with her

Are what you cherish most…

When you're alone-

Thoughts of her haunt you like ghosts.

Is this true love?

A hopeful soul in need of another?

Her blue eyed gaze upon you makes you shiver…

Your pounding heart pierced by another sliver…

There is no answer but bliss…

As these words escape her lips,

"Please… just one more kiss…" ;-)

** ( I wrote this while listening to some rather "bouncy" music this morning. "Shake Me" by Mint Royale. Hope you like it!! :-D Oh and by the way… "Goooood Morningggg!") **