This poem was inspired by the movie "The Passion of Christ" and is written from a Catholic viewpoint. Anyone offended by the Catholic's high regard for the Blessed Virgin Mary may want to keep that in mind if they still decide to read this poem. As always, reviews are gladly welcomed, but I will not tolerate discriminatory comments. Please keep your reviews based on the content and effect of the poem itself; not how it affects your beliefs or the beliefs of the author.

Now, if you would like to calmly discuss religion and the Catholic church's standing on the position of Mary, I'd be more than happy to talk with you about it. My email should be available on my bio page.

Cry to Our Blessed Mother

You held him close
His lifeless, battered body
Signified so much

The raw skin a sacrifice
The drying blood a gift

How your heart must have wept!
More than my own eyes upon seeing
This travesty

The tears millions have cried, now cry, and will cry
Must be nothing to the loss you felt

I see you there
Holding your dead son
Slain, in essence by my own hand
No one person, race, faith is to blame
He was murdered by the sins of all

I cry, I pray, I beg
For forgiveness
Oh God, what just happened?
Oh Mother, what have we done?

But then, in that timeless moment
You look up

You look at me

And I see pain, but hope
Sorrow, but joy
Anger, but forgiveness

A gentle love that says, "See what my son has done
For you
And for all."

And I cry again,
But tears of joy.

For now I have seen and felt
The true peace of God

Even if only for that timeless moment

When I looked into your eyes.

Written 2-27-04

Revised 3-15-04