The end to this short little story. Remember what I said, no romance... *evil cackle*


As the deer fell to the ground in a bloody heap, Jonas let out a small quack of triumph. The first big buck of the season! Taking out his knife, he walked over and proceeded to hack the deer up into smaller pieces, easier for carrying back to his truck. Suddenly he heard a small gasp behind him. Jonas whirled around, gun ready.

There stood a chicken. She wore a long, flowing dress of sheer blue gauze, adorned with gold stars that jingled as she walked. They were jingling now, as the chicken slowly approached Jonas, eyes tearful. The duck looked away for the moment. He didn't want to admit it, but she was extremely lovely, and the image of her crying wrung at his heart. As the jingling stopped, he turned again to face her.

"Don't you see what you are doing?" she began softly, "You are disrupting the delicate balance of life that holds onto this woods with it's gentle grasp." Kneeling, she whispered a few words to the dead deer, never taking her eyes off Jonas. "And you killed a poor innocent creature."

The duck fidgeted, growing agitated by this know-it-all wench who thought she could rule him. Just as he was about to tell her off, she stood up, her full height being close to his, and looked him straight in the eye.

Jonas took a step back, overwhelmed by realizations. He saw that she wasn't just a common wench chicken, she had feelings too. She was right; they all were held together in the delicate balance of nature. No matter what he had felt, he knew that they were one in the same; both vessels of life, beating hearts and bodies of meat.

Jonas raised his gun...


"-and so I told the man to shove it and give me my money. Boy did HE look surprised!"

Jonas laughed along with his beer buddies at Chris's story, waiting for the effect to wear off. When everyone was quiet, he spoke.

"I went huntin' today."

All eyes swiveled to him in silent shock. Paul was the first to talk. "Well? Let's see what you've made us!" he yelled, raising a wing. Jonas was not only famous for his out-of-season hunting, but also the cooking he did with that hunting.

The duck grinned and reached behind the table to produce a plate of sizzling ribs and steaks. Everyone let out a quack or chirp of delight and dug in. Chris looked up from his riblet to give Jonas a thumbs up.

"Tastes just like chicken!"


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