Silver Locket

A silver locket on a fragile chain,
A little girl inside, her smile so innocent,
I remember the way she would laugh at everything,
And it seemed like nothing would ever ruin it,
So pure was that laugh.

A note passed between messy hands,
A growing child, her knowledge soaring,
I remember those people she played games with,
And it seems as though they would be friends forever,
So pure were those friendships.

A slim figure, with adolescent curves,
A girl no longer small, but learning lessons,
I remember the first time she fell in love,
And it seemed as though the world had stopped for her,
So pure was that love.

A white dress of satin and silk,
A beautiful woman, ready to make a future,
I remember the words she spoke that day,
And it seemed as though her faithfulness would never end,
So pure were those promises.

A soft brown bear, a teddy,
A little boy, fast asleep inside a crib,
I remember how she loved that child,
And it seemed as though her happy family was perfect,
So pure where their ties.

A mug of warm milk on a polished table,
A paperback novel in her old, gnarled hand,
I remember how tired she grew, day by day,
And it seemed as though she would live forever,
So pure was her heart.