Written by Felicia Spencer

Bittersweet illusions
Of a love that's meant to be
I wish that I had cherished you
And somehow made you see

That there was never any other
That could ever take your place
I tried as hard as I could
But I can't forget your face

Nor the way you would gaze into my eyes
Or caress my tender hands
I somehow wished to make you see
To make you understand

That I was in love with you
A poet tells her tale
I'll tell it all just to be with you
Knowing that I'll fail

Bittersweet illusions
Of someone that's not here
What do I have to be frighten of
When there's nothing here to fear

I know you'll never read this
You might not even care
I know that we've both suffered
From pain, we've had our share

I've tried to move on
To find another man
But they could never measure up
I just don't understand

Why must I grieve
Over a love so long gone
Months turned to years
But I have to remain strong

I wish that this illusion
Would somehow let me be
If it could release its grip
And somehow set me free

But I don't want to forget
You or anything we've shared
Even though you never said it
I always knew you cared

So now I'm letting you know
That I felt the same as you
Even though it's just too late
The words I say are true

So goodbye my love
Until we meet again
Just remember that I love you
Forever and ever my friend

That's it. R&R I hope you guys/gals liked it? Peace.