Warning: Graphic Violence, Sexual Scenes, Intercourse, Incest, Murder, Language... all the good stuff


Up a dirt road, where trees linger to the left and right, you will find my house. The road is dark all the time, day or night. There is no happiness here with the dead trees and the presence of crows and rabid animals.
It seems that when there's something bad, everything turns bad. At least that's what happened to me. Anyways, back to my road. The road itself is in a broken down condition. It's always muddy and wet with many potholes and ditches. There is no sound, here.
You go up to my house, miles outside of civilization, but not so. We actually live only 1 mile from our closet neighbor, but one wouldn't know it.
When you reach my house, it almost comes out of nowhere. My house was white, when my mother was alive and everyone was happy. Then, she died, my father took over, and the houses paint chipped, the horses that are in our front yard are black, dirty, and have almost red eyes. They haven't been fed anything but grass for years now, and no one takes care of them. They look so abused with their mats of hair.
The windows to my house are broken, and the furniture is rotting out. There is a barn in my backyard and that is run down too, but that's where me, my brothers and my sister sleep.
My father lives in the only good room of the house, in the attic. It is nicely furnished and always warm. His bed is a king and he has a dresser made of oak lined with gold, which was our mother's.
My brother is now 13, I am 16 and my sister is only 9 and I have and older brother that is now 18. We have lived here for our whole lives, and will continue to do so until either someone finds us, we die, or HE dies.
Yes, he is my father. His name is Frank. We were kicked out of the house 5 years ago into the barn when our mother died, as I was saying.


1999- 5 years ago- the death of mother

I was only 11 and my mother was cooking, as usual, and my father had gone down to the casino to spend the money he had made that day, as usual. We never had money, grew our own food, and sewed our own clothes.
My father worked in the fields chopping hey or cutting down wood then selling it and making money. At least that's what he told my mother. He had actually purchased a camera several years ago, made me and my brother Mark pose naked for his pictures. Sometimes he put us in awkward positions and something weird would happen to mark every time I was naked, he would become.. harder. I didn't understand this until I was older. Mark never inserted himself into me though, he pretended to at times when my father told him to, but he really just places himself between my legs and lied. I hated this, but otherwise worse would happen.
My father was always an alcoholic, and he always was out with my other brother Mark, which was 13 at this time. Mark was a well built boy but not to muscular and not at all chunky. He was very attractive to every girl he had met, and he was out almost every night with some whore having sex or drinking with his friends. He got arrested many times, and our father just patted him on the back and said good boy, while my mother gave him a small sad look and returned to her business.
Mark looked out for me all the time. He almost never let me hang out with boys he thought only wanted sex, and he often kept his friends in line about hitting on me. Apparently I was attractive to them, though I don't see how.
Mark and I look very similar, we both have dark auburn straight hair, and green eyes. He is much taller then me, reaching about 5'11" at 14 years old. My brother Jason, who is 8, has blond hair and brown eyes, and my littlest sister Jessica who is 4 look identical.
Mark and I look like my mother, while Jason and Jessica, or Jessie, look like our father.
My father had just come home from the casino, it was 10 P.M at night and me and Jessie were reading a book in the living room one room from the kitchen. My brother had just came home and he was in his room which he shared with Jason.
Then I heard yelling, which was common in my house. My mother was yelling how my father is always drunk, always beats her, and treats his family like dirt. He gave her the "Well its not my fucking fault I work all the fucking time and come home to this shit-ass family," speel.
I know he only said bullshit things, and that he never loved us, but I never said that out loud. Then I heard my mother scream and my father yelling. Jessie started to cry and I could see the shadow through the crack of the door into the kitchen He was beating her again, he was punching her in the stomach and I could see him kick her to the ground.
Mark ran into the room, and I started to cry.
"What are they fighting about?" he said, a bit of alarm in his voice.
"I don't know, I think it's dads drinking." I quivered.
Then we heard a drawer open and him muttering something to her.
Mark gasped and ran into the room. He opened the door for Me and Jessie to see and I could hear Jason slowly creeping out of the bedroom.
Mark ran to our father and got down on his knees in front of him. I could see father holding a knife down towards our mother and she was crying on the floor with her head covered in her hands.
"Dad, what are you doing? Please stop!" Mark pleaded, but our father just kicked him into a wall, and Mark passed out.
Father then looked at us, I could see the blood running from Mark's head and I could see my mother crawling for him, but I also saw my fathers eyes fixed on me.
"You stay the fuck there, I will deal with your brother when I get back. Me and your mother are going to take a walk." He yelled at me.
He walked to my mother and pulled her up from the ground by grabbing a lock of her hair. She was wearing a white nightgown and he was in scruffy jeans and a white wife beater.
"Remember, stay here." He warned.
He pulled my mother out the door by her hair and we ran to Mark. He passed out was next to a window so I held him and watched my father kick my mother around in the dirt of our driveway
He jumped on my mother and lifted her nightgown so you could see her waist and below revealed. He took off his pants and stuck himself first into her mouth, which he held her head still by his hands, and then he pulled out of her mouth and pushed himself between her legs.
She cried out in pain and was screaming for him to stop. I could see a knife in his hand, cutting her neck in little slits and cutting her nightgown bleeding her breasts. She was grabbing at the dirt and rocks and throwing it at my father. She clawed the ground until her fingers were bloody.
I covered my ears, closed my eyes, and sunk down into my brothers chest. He was still unconscious.
Jessie was being held by Jason, we were all crying in a circle. Then we heard our father yell something muffled and all the noise stopped.
I knew something happened.
I knew my mother was dead.