The Lady Of Cool
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was when I've first laid my eyes on her
That I've noticed that a girl named Summer
Logan is truly the lady of cool,
Because she looks like Eliza Dushku,
The 'Tru Calling' star who looks like her.

Her hair was as black as a cat at night.
Her eyes never had the look of fright.
Her skin was so silky smooth.
And of course,there's no mistaken her groove.
As a matter of fact,she's the perfect height.

After I've pursued her for quite some time
And she realized that I'm not doing a crime
Against her,I've asked her to go out
With me.And then,with a really big shout,
She told God that it was about time.

Ever since then,we would always kiss--
And agree that we won't be able to miss
Each other,for a year later,we've gotten
Married in Las Vegas,also known as 'Sin
City',where we've shared more than a kiss.