What is love?
Love is bright red.
As red as a rose's soft velvety petals.
Or is love deep crimson?
The color of newly spilled blood
Emerging from wounds that never heal.
Love tastes as sweet,
As fresh sugar-dipped strawberries
On a warm summer's eve.
Or is love burn ?
Spicy as hundreds of jalapeno peppers
Setting your taste buds on fire
Love is a harmony,
As beautiful as a melody
Heard for the first time.
Or is love a discord?
Painful yet haunting,
It's dissonance sending chills to the bone.
Love is the smell of home,
As familiar as chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
Or is love as pungent as cigarette smoke?
Enveloping your lungs
Making you choke.
Love is your favorite childhood toy.
Soft, though worn,
Filled with memories from long ago.
Or is love the sting like lemon juice burning a fresh cut?
Love is heaven.
Or is Love hell?