The Color Of Green
By:Andrew Troy Keller

On Tuesday,March the 16th,a newlywed couple named Peter
And Lori Morgan had arrived at the Grayson Investment Center,
Which was in the Wall Street section of the city
Of New York--and were able to not use pity
In order to get a job from CEO George Carter,
Who had also given the newly arrived employees a new
penthouse apartment,which also had indeed such a wonderous view
Of the city's very own skyscrappers and also Central Park.

Sometime later,both Peter and Lori went to the park
And walked around,in order to find something else new.

Then suddenly,while Lori was looking the other way,Peter
Had discovered a young beauty who looks like Charisma Carpenter,
A star of the TV series,"Buffy,The Vampire Slayer"
Staring and licking her lips from one side to another.

Just then,after she had noticed the look of shock
On Peter's face,Lori placed him on a large rock
And asked,"Are you okay,Peter?You look kinda sick."

After he had heard that,Peter had decided to trick
Her into believing that he saw one of the clocks
In the park and thought that he had to go
To an appointment somewhere and had forgotten all about it.
And then,she had laughed,because he's got such wit.

The next day,inside the center's own resource library,Peter
Was looking for some forms,only to bump into her.
The stranger looked at him and asked,"You like it
Here?It's a great place in order to make money.
As a matter of fact,my favorite color is money--
As in the color of green.That's what I like.
Well exactly,that's one of the things that I like."

Then suddenly,right inside one of the rooms of money,
The stranger has removed almost every bit of her clothing,
Walked over to Peter and said,"What are you thinking,
Peter?Are you thinking of making love to me,Jennifer
Carter?",before allowing him to place his hands on her
bare legs and began to help remove all his clothing.

And just as he was about to object,they had
kissed each other on the lips,laid on the pad's
Round table and began to carress and fondle each other's
Nude bodies--and wish that it would keep going forever.

But that was before Lori walked in and got mad
At the sight of her own husband and the boss'
Daughter having sex in the library and caused the loss
Of a loving and caring marriage,for a furious Lori
Had stormed away from Peter,went up a few stories
And walked into the office of a Ms. Stephanie Ross,
Who does bare a storng resemblance of one Janine Turner,
Who was a star of a TV series entitled 'Northern Exposure'.

"Lori,what is it?",asked a concerned Stephanie,after walking
Over to a saddened Lori,who had started with telling
Stephanie what she saw in the library,where both Peter
And Jennifer were having sex just before she walked into
The room and she has no idea on what to
Do with the rest of her own life without Peter.

Then suddenly,Stephanie had looked at Lori and kissed her
On the lips--and surprisingly enough,Lori kissed Stephanie too.

Meanwhile,inside the office of George Carter,a saddened Peter
Had told him about his little sexual fling with Jennifer
And how it has caused a rift between him and
Lori.After he heard that,George was able to stand
Out of his chair and told him all about Jennifer
And her travels around the world,in order to experience
Different lands and cutures--and she also wanted to experience
Them with every man she has been able to find
Within the walkways of Central Park--as in every kind
Of man.He might also have been considered a prince.

And then,after George had told Peter not to worry
About her fling with Jennifer,he'd gone a few stories
Up to Stephanie's office,in order to kiss and make
Up,only to discover something that made his body shake:
He saw Stephanie making mad,passionate love to his Lori.

But then,just as he was about to say something,
The two ladies had each gotten up and started walking
Towards a confused Peter,before letting him know that they
Wish to be with him on each and every day--
Even at the Grayson Investment Center,where they're still working.