So sad the story goes,

A young child abandoned.

Growing up in the forest,

Taking refuge in its beauty.

A sunflower she stumbled across,

Its colors taking her under their wing.

She returned to them every day,

Loving them, nurturing them.

And as she grew,

So the sunflower became

Her symbol, her sunlight.

A man came into her life;

Loved her like no other.

He became her other, her

One passion.

But alas,

Their love was not to be;

She fell sick.

Try as she might to fight

The disease that ravaged her body,

She could not win.

The sunflowers she shall be

Remembered by,

For before her untimely demise,

She had given him one.

A yellow, bright, young one,

So innocent in its beauty,

So much like her...

A symbol of their love.

Everyday he returns to that patch,

Taking care of the sunflowers.

Watching them grow,

Nurturing them,

As she did.

A/N: I was inspired to write this for a painting I saw online. It was of a young woman, sitting on the remains of what might once have been the edge of a courtyard, holding a bunch of sunflowers in her hands.