If you read this, you have to go and review all of Flotom's stories (she's in my favourite author list) because she wrote every odd line and I wrote every even line. If you didn't know what Haloperidol is, its an antipsychotic.

The Drugs Poem

There was a drug called LSD

Which made a certain person very happy

But she could not see

Through the colourful jelly baby

That was eating her head

Soon enough the LSD made her feel dead

She was very high

And she though she could fly.

This surprised her very much

Even the heroin did such.

It made her quite sleepy

And her eyes became somewhat weepy.

Bang cluck oink moo

"My eyes, my beautiful eyes!" oooooo……………

What is that liquor?

And help me out of this stupor!


This cannabis makes me feel woozyyy.

Despite the ecstasy

Shortening life expectancy.

Look, there's a bee

Ouch. It just stung me.

I've fallen in love with a key

That opens a door to sex which is free.

Last night I ate a piranha.

I got the munchies from marijuana.

So I did a yoga asana

And the Sutra kind of Karma.

It made me smile, it made me laugh.

But it split my personality in half.

And made me turn psycho.

All I could say was "no no no!"

I have gone un peu insane.

But my libido is amazing with this cocaine.

A gay bishop was just ordained

And his husband was obtained

In a public toilet.

But cocaine did so spoil it.

And he lived in a pit.

Oh shit.

My sister likes dancing on poles

And inhaling aerosols.

Her boyfriend is a little mole

And always forgets his Haloperidol.

He is a wicked, wicked, funny witch

And you, my delusional friend, are a bitch.

You have a yellow nose.

And are stuck in a stupendous pose.

In a play I have a role

To drink a load of alcohol.

It makes me very, very drunk.

And I end up covered in spunk.

Oh dear, I've lost my dildo.

Oh wow, look at my libido.

In out of this world.

My drugged life, unfurled.